Photo: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page

Photo: Jesse Horton? / Mountain Bike Eagle Facebook Page

According to VailDaily.com, law enforcement officials have identified a suspect in the recent instance of trail vandalism in Eagle. However, the suspect’s name has not been released.

According to the same article, the nail board was actually found on an unofficial user-created trail that isn’t an official part of the Eagle trail system. According to law enforcement officials, they believe that this instance of vandalism is isolated to this one unofficial trail, and that the entirety of the official East Eagle trail system is unaffected.

It isn’t clear whether or not the suspect will be prosecuted, as this vandalism took place on what is essentially an illegal trail. However, the traps that were laid were pretty vicious. The authorities uncovered 8 of the nail boards pictured above.

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  • Joel DH

    Does anybody know how they identified the suspect? trail cam?

  • jalackness

    Ive been riding in Eagle for nearly 20 years. The section of trail this person is upset about was one of the first trails I rode in Eagle. Albeit on a dirt bike because back then every trail in Eagle was either a cow path or a dirt bike trail. It’s not new and it’s a great little section of trail.
    This person should be charged with the maximum sentence that can be charged and then some. This person is intentionally trying to hurt any and all trail users. Well when you intentionally “try” to hurt someone you just might kill someone or thing. My son was riding this trail on his Strider at 3 years old. My wife runs this trail. We hike this trail with our dog. I’ve seen people on horses on this trail. The town of Eagle and the State of Colorado need to send a very clear message to these people that this is not ok. Attempted murder should be the charge, and we should make sure it sticks.

  • gidani

    I ride dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Dirt bikers have faced booby trapped trails for years including piano wire across trails at neck hieght. The eco-freaks now are expanding their operations to injure mountain bikers. These people think they are the only ones entitled to use of public lands. Their primary objective seems to be to turn public lands into tree or desert museums accessible only to the priveledged few who agree with their philosophy.
    Hopefully law enforcement and the judicial system can arrest and sentence these idiots appropriately.

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