Steamboat Springs, a bronze-level IMBA ride center and self-proclaimed “Bike Town USA,” recently passed a measure to devote the town’s 1% lodging tax to trail development with a 71% voter approval rating, according to Steamboat Today.

View of Steamboat Springs and Steamboat Ski Resort from the Emerald Mountain Trail System.

According to Nikki Inglis, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Public Relations Manager, this spending approval “would commit more than $5.1 million to a trails expansion plan – a 10-year project that would connect trail networks, authorize a network of previously unauthorized trails on Buffalo Pass, complete new singletrack, add to multi-use byways downtown and enhance traffic crossings and trailhead amenities. With this master plan, we can truly achieve our full potential as Bike Town USA.”

However, the current spending plan did also include a development of the Yampa Street promenade. Tax revenues will be split between trail development and the promenade until the promenade receives $900,000. “Then, the majority of the tax will be dedicated to trail projects with a small amount going to the marketing of the amenities and capital improvements at Haymaker Golf Course,” according to Steamboat Today.

Even thought tax revenues will be split for an estimated three years, this is still a massive success for the Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance, and spells rapid and regular improvements for mountain biking in Steamboat Springs over the next decade.

For more details on trail development in Steamboat Springs, be sure to check out the Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance website.

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  • skibum

    Super news!

    What’s most impressive is the margin by which it passed. Not many things, especially things which come from tax money, enjoy such broad-based support.

    • dgw2jr

      This is why I believe that decisions like this should be made on the local level. While this decision was clearly the right one for the people in this town, someone on the other side of the state may not see the benefit and vote against it. The trails they build with this money will pay for themselves in no time.

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