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2015-01-13 les fat

Pivot has just announced the release of the all-new LES fat bike. Pivot is marketing this as “the most versatile fat bike ever,” and claiming that every fat or plus-sized wheel or tire standard is compatible with this bike. But how do they achieve this feat?

The key is their new Swinger II dropout system. According to Pivot, the

“patented Swinger II dropout system, [enables] you to run almost any available plus or fat bike wheelsize, easily switch between singlespeed and geared drivetrains and choose your chainstay length based on conditions and desired handling characteristics. With the option to run every tire size from  26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+, 29+ and anything in between, your bike is really a quiver of options that take you into any season and any condition.”


This full-carbon bike is RockShox Bluto compatible, although it ships with a rigid carbon fork. However, this Pivot-designed fork is corrected for the suspension-optimized frame geometry, so there would be no awkwardness or dramatic changes in handling when swapping out forks… aside from the plushness of suspension, of course.

Rider: Aaron Chase. Photo: Pivot Cycles
Rider: Aaron Chase. Photo: Pivot Cycles

Scroll down for the full list of features, straight from Pivot. There’s a lot going on with this new bike. But perhaps the second most interesting feature after the adjustable rear end is the low Q factor. If you’re not aware, the term “Q factor” refers to how far apart your feet are when pedaling. A standard road bike’s Q factor is much less than that of a mountain bike, oftentimes roughly half. And a standard mountain bike has a much narrower Q factor than a fat bike–again, oftentimes roughly half or less. So when comparing the fat bike Q factor to that of a road bike, the difference is immense! A wide Q factor isn’t ideal for power or speed, and can put undue stress on the body, especially the knees. Pivot has sought to reduce the Q factor on their first fat bike offering as much as possible. According to Pivot, the new LES Fat has

“an innovative low Q-factor design  (the lowest in the category) when built with the Pivot/E-Thirteen co-designed fat bike crankset. The combined gearing options and knee-saving Q-factor provide the best possible pedaling performance in high-cadence racing, training and trail-riding applications.”

This is a downside to fat bikes that has been largely overlooked, and it’s great to see a company addressing this issue.


Official features, from Pivot:

  • Clears 5” tires for unpacked snow, mud and sand
  • Fits all fat and plus wheelsizes (26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+) via the patented Swinger II dropout system
  • Full carbon frame featuring proprietary hollow core internal molding technology and largest downtube in the category
  • Pivot carbon fork with 150mm spacing
  • Full length internal cable routing via Pivot’s exclusive, Cable Port System including internal dropper compatibility
  • 197mm rear spacing accommodates tires up to 5 inches
  • Optimized low Q-factor design when built with co-designed Pivot/E-Thirteen fat bike specific crankset included in our complete builds.
  • 2x, 1x and singlespeed compatible? Shimano side-swing front derailleur compatible via a low profile e-type mount
  • Rear rack mounts
  • 3 bottle cage mounts
  • Sizes S, M, L for riders between 5’6” and 6’4”

The Pivot LES Fat will retail for $2,599 for a frame and fork set, or $4,699 with an XO1 build kit. For more information, be sure to check out Pivot’s website, and the additional resources below.

In Action

Renowned freerider Aaron Chase just signed with Pivot Cycles for a multi-year contract, and the LES Fat release also heralds Aaron’s first video with Pivot. Check out Aaron getting inverted on the LES Fat in this vid:

More Photos:

2-LES FAT side-2
Photos courtesy of Pivot Cycles

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