News: GoPro Introduces the New HERO4

2014-09-29 gopro

GoPro has just announced the release of their latest helmet camera: the new HERO4. The HERO4 will be available in two options: the Black for $499 and the Silver for $399.

The new HERO4 Black Edition can capture 4K video at 30 frames per second, 2.7K at 50fps, and 1080p at a mind-blowing 120 frames per second! If you dig super slow-mo footage, the HERO4 will provide that in spades. For comparison, the previous top-end GoPro camera, the Hero3+ Black Edition, provided about half the video quality of the new HERO4, with 4K video at 15fps, 2.7K at 30fps, and 1080p at 60fps.

According to GoPro, the new HERO4 “also features an entirely redesigned audio system that captures high fidelity sound with 2x the dynamic range of previous models. Additional enhancements include improved image quality, low light performance, highlight moment tagging and an improved user interface that allows for easier discoverability and access to key features and controls.” Finally, the HERO4 can shoot 12MP photos at a rate of 30 per second, and features 50% faster wifi connectivity as well as Bluetooth capability.

For more information, click over to GoPro’s website, and check out some footage from the HERO4 below:

PS be sure to turn up the video quality on Youtube to an incredible 2160p/4K!

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