New Indoor “Fatbike” Park Opening in Moab

We knew the whole fatbike thing was starting to blow up but this is crazy: a new indoor mountain bike park specifically designed with ultra-fat-tire mountain bikes in mind is opening just outside Moab next year. Known as Canyon 191, the park will feature extra wide ramps, a sand pit, and even a “freezer” room filled with artificial snow.

According to the press release we read, the park owners wanted to find a way to extend the riding season in Moab, especially during the summer when it’s way too hot to ride trails like Slickrock and Porcupine Rim. Perhaps one of the coolest features: an open floor throughout half the facility that has riders cruising over real Utah slickrock – with a roof overhead. The final floorplan will boast 119,000 square feet of riding surfaces making this one of the largest indoor bike parks in the country.

“We get a lot of riders who come to Moab and aren’t prepared for the heat,” said Roger Dorn, co-owner of Canyon 191. “We also wanted to cater to the locals who own fatbikes but don’t get a lot of opportunities to ride them in the snow.”

Canyon 191 will feature a large fleet of rental fatbikes for those who are curious to see what the hype is all about (though riding a normal mountain bike will be allowed too). The attached pro shop will stock extra-fat tubes, tires, flannel shirts, and even an assortment of beard waxes for riders’ convenience.

I haven’t been to Moab in a couple years but I think this place might just make another trip worthwhile. I can’t wait to see the pics from opening day!

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