Watch: DH Bike Vs Cross Country Mountain Bike

What’s really the difference between cross country bikes and downhill mountain bikes? Neil and Scott compare.

Downhill bikes and XC mountain bikes look kind of different – you really can’t miss that. But, looks aside, what are the technical differences that mean that the two bikes are so different and used for two such different disciplines?

Cross country bikes are designed to ride up hill and downhill, and to do both FAST. They’re way, way, lighter, have less suspension, bigger wheels, narrower tires and narrower bars than their downhill cousins. So, they’re a jack of all trades, master of…

DH bikes on the other hand are all about doing one thing, and doing that as fast as possible. They have slightly smaller wheels, way more powerful disc brakes, triple clamp forks and plenty of rear travel, a close range drivetrain and significantly wider tires.

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