18 Interesting Products from Interbike: Visionary, or Delusional?

Soft Tail, Titanium 27.5+ from Moots

mountaineer_ybb+ - 1

Hello soft tail mountain bike, long time no see! Actually if you’ve been following Moots, you know they’ve been producing a soft tail bike called the YBB for some time now and this year they showed off a 27.5+ version called the Mountaineer YBB +.

For those who are new to mountain biking, soft tail mountain bikes are not the same as full suspension bikes. Check out the piston-looking connector that attaches to the seatpost–that’s a soft tail. This set-up provides minimal travel (an inch or so) and relies on flexible chainstays, which titanium easily affords.

mountaineer_ybb+ - 2

The Mountaineer YBB + makes fantastic use of this (old) technology in a plus-size off-road touring set up. Having just a little flex in the rear end comes in handy after miles in the saddle off road, while still offering an efficient pedaling platform under load.

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