The All-New 2016 Industry Nine Trail245 Wheelset – A Video Review

Are you looking for a new wheelset? Are you trying to save a few grams, have a stiffer wheel, or maybe just hear that glorious freehub buzz as you fly through the woods? The Industry Nine Trail245 may be the right wheelset for you!

The Trail245 is replacing I9’s Trail model, which has been their best seller. The Trail245 has a slightly wider and shorter bead wall to prevent burps as well as a thicker, tapered downwall for improved impact resistance right where it is most important.

The Trail245 comes in most standard axle configurations, accommodates standard Shimano drivers and SRAM XD1 drivers, and comes in some awesome anodized colors (silver, blue, gold, orange, pink, purple, green, lime, and turquoise).

This wheelset is not cheap at $1,250 MSRP (plus add-ons like colors, custom lacing, etc.) but is well-worth the cost. I have been extremely pleased with this wheelset and love the super high engagement (120 points of engagement, or every 3 degrees). At 1,650g, this wheelset is light enough for race day but burly enough for any all-mountain/trail adventure.

I9 Trail245 Video Still

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