News: Urge Bike Products Announces Supatrail MTB Helmet

You’ve had their wine. You’ve eaten their cheese. If you’re lucky, you’ve even tried their style of kissing. Yes, nearly everything that comes out of France is wonderful, and the latest MTB item to be invented there is the Supatrail helmet from Urge Bike Products. Check it out.

Supatrail in "bleu"
Supatrail in “bleu”

Look how cool that thing looks! It’s like a stormtrooper’s going out hat. It comes in lots of different colorways, but I like the blue the best. Blue is Frencher than white or black or gold.

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s up with that big round vent. I was too. It’s just there to look cool and help with airflow. Probably a little more of the former than the latter. Call me a cynic.

Here are some more views of the Supatrail.

More views of the Supatrail
More views of the Supatrail

That’s a pretty fancy looking helmet. And the makers, Urge Bikes, say the helmet is green too, as the following helpful chart will demonstrate.

Get charty with it.
Get charty with it.

Okay, so. It looks good. It’s green. It has fancy materials that sop up sweat and protect your head. But there’s one thing missing. The MSRP. Oh, and the weight. None of Urge’s marketing materials list the helmet’s claimed weight. That’s two things. And we don’t know if it’ll ever be available in the US, so I guess that’s three things.

Normally at this point I would link you off to the manufacturer’s site for more information, but all you’ll see there is a helpful message saying that it’s down while they update their 2015 offerings. So don’t click this link right now, click it later.

However, one thing you can do right now is check out this pretty cool video:

Supatrail “Born on super trails” from urgebike on Vimeo.

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