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Ibis has just released the ability to overhaul your Ibis Mojo HD3 and turn it into a 27.5+ rig. This new capability comes courtesy of an all-new swingarm design and Boost 148 rear spacing.

If you already own an HD3, you can upgrade your rig to plus-size tires with the purchase of a Boost/Plus swingarm retrofit kit for $899. That kit includes:

  • All new HD3 Boost/Plus Swingarm
  • New 148mm Hexle
  • Boost lower link
  • Boost lower link rear shaft hardware
  • Boost compatible front derailleur mount
  • Retrofit kits will ship in April, are available to backorder from our online store now (will be made visible Monday morning).


Of course, that means you’ll need a new plus-compatible suspension fork as well, along with new wheels and tires. While by no means a cheap upgrade, it is possible without purchasing a whole-new bike.

However, if you don’t yet own an HD3 and the suspension travel on the new Mojo 3 isn’t enough, you can now buy the HD3 kitted out stock with Boost spacing and plus-size wheels and tires.


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  • nir

    I thought to buy the Mojo HD3. I am 5.51 feet and 30 inseam.I talked directly to Ibis and they told me that I need Medium, Tried it today and it seemed a little big. I am new to mountain biking so I am not sure that this feeling is justified. Is there anyone here 5.5 which tried the small ( I couldn’t find it in the shops around here ). Thanks!

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