This New Camera Could Be a Gimbal-Killer for Mountain Biking

photo: Rylo

As anyone who has ever used an action camera for mountain biking knows, it’s frustratingly difficult to get smooth shots. Over the past couple years, riders have been adding stabilizing gimbals to their camera rigs with decent results, but frankly the added bulk seems to be taking us further away from the promise of compact, easy to use point-of-view cameras. But a new 360° camera called Rylo just might change that.

The Rylo is a 360° camera, but unless you’re making VR videos, this feature probably isn’t that appealing on the surface. However, because the camera is capturing everything around it, the Rylo software allows the user to pan and even zoom to find the right angle for the perfect edit. Not only that, Rylo promises to use its software algorithms to produce smooth, stabilized video, even if the wearer is running or mountain biking. The video below shows footage from an MTB ride with stabilization on the top, with the original on bottom.

Of course GoPro just announced their own 360° camera, called the Fusion, which should perform similar tricks. But GoPro’s camera is priced $200 more, at $699, and the camera itself appears to be a good bit larger than the Rylo. How much larger? It’s hard to say since GoPro hasn’t shared the actual dimensions of the Fusion. But as a point of comparison, the Rylo is about the size of a GoPro Hero 6, just slightly wider.

photo: Rylo

At the moment the Rylo website isn’t showing any mounting hardware for bikes, though there are photos like the one above showing a GoPro-style mount attached to a clear case. While the basic kit doesn’t include mounts, it does include an SD card and a cable for connecting the camera to a smartphone. That’s right: no need to rely on a wonky and slow wi-fi or bluetooth connection to get video from the camera to your phone. Just plug the camera into the phone, and edit footage in the Rylo app right away.

The Rylo is slated to ship in early 2018 and is available for pre-order now for $499.

Could this be the beginning of the end for action camera gimbals? Let’s hope so.