We all know that very specific smell of bike clothes that have seen one too many days in the saddle. After so many times through the washing machine the smell seems to linger, and eventually may get so bad that your riding buddies won’t want to ride behind you anymore.

I have a bunch of clothes that has been banished to only living in the garage by my wonderful wife Lauren, but this trick with fix them right up. If it were up to her, they would be burned in the fire pit out back by now, but I’m confident my procedure will pass the wife test with flying colors.

De-Stink Screenshot

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  • SlimL

    If you don’t use the machine you must wash them by hand. In the bath tub I suppose. Of course you could always ride alone but it gets so bad even I can’t stand being with me.

  • mongwolf

    Just listen to us … a bunch of guys sittin’ at their computers talking about washing clothes. Who would of thought. = ) Having raised three very active boys with my wife, I can only add one piece of advice to what Colton and JR have said. This advice goes to the teenage boys (young men) out there who might be reading this article (not many I’m guessing lol). You must also wash YOURSELF and do so DAILY (sometimes twice a day) and use lots of deodorant. And the sooner you can get those sweaty clothes off your body (especially those socks) and get yourself washed off, the better. If the body stinks, then no amount of washing of clothes is going to do much good. At least do this respect for your loving mom.

  • JRDinATL

    The vinegar method works BUT there is a much easier way:

    WIN clothes detergent. You can buy it easily at Amazon (https://amzn.com/B00K0WS2GW). This allows you to avoid the process of washing your clothes in the tub–this detergent gets the stink out and you just wash your gear like normal. I’ve been using WIN for seven years now and it’s a lifesaver; I’ve tried other brands (and used the vinegar method) but WIN works the best. I’ll also add that you can wash your gear in your washer with vinegar and use a soak cycle if your machine has that…if you don’t have a soak cycle, simply let the washer fill then shut it off and go back in an hour and turn it back on. That’s a lot easier than transferring your clothes from bathtub to washer.

    IMPORTANT: Never put your bike gear in the dryer, particularly with a dryer sheet. Those dryer sheets allow the stink to bake into the fiber. Also, the heat of the dryer is far more destructive on bike gear than machine washing–it breaks down the fibers of your clothes.

  • yetiyahoo

    I use an odor-eliminator spray designed for hunting. There are several brands that can be purchased from any sporting goods store. This way I can wear them multiple times before washing.

  • kais01

    i wash them regularly in the machine, but after a ride i do the same trick you do with the helmet, bring them into the shower…

  • Daniel Lee Dault Jr.

    the first thing i do when i get back from a ride after iv unloaded my bike and thrown my hydropack in the fridge so i can clean it later is get out of my mtb clothes throw them in the wash with ALL with Oxi detergent put it on delicate cold setting and wash my clothes then hang dry them in the laundry room where there is no sunlight so bacteria doesnt grow and my gear never smells afterwords even my jersey iv used for the past 2 years

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