Treat Yo Self: 6 Lust-Worthy MTB Components to Buy this Holiday Season

Shock: Cane Creek DB Coil Inline – $550

Photo: Cane Creek
Photo: Cane Creek

The DB Coil Inline is new for this year, but combining the performance of Cane Creek’s Inline with the extra durability and burliness of a coil seems to be a match made in heaven! Add in Cane Creek’s renowned adjustability, and you can’t go wrong.

“Essentially, the DBcoil IL is a mash-up of Cane Creek’s long-standing DBcoil and their newer DBinline shocks,” according to Aaron Chamberlain. “Take a coil spring, put it on a DBinline, and voila, the DBcoil IL is born. The shock is aimed at short- to mid-travel trail bikes where a coil shock with a reservoir may be overkill or unable to fit in the frame.”

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