Treat Yo Self: 6 Lust-Worthy MTB Components to Buy this Holiday Season

Brakes: SRAM Guide RSC – $208 per brake

Photo: Michael Paul

While some of Shimano’s venerable XT brakes are experiencing serious issues, SRAM has been quietly making a name for itself in the brake market with the rock-solid performance of their Guide brakes. More and more top-end bikes are coming spec’ed with Guide brakes–competition has never been fiercer in this space.

“The Guide RSC brakes [are] a top-shelf offering, incorporating Reach Adjustment (R), Swinglink (S), and the Contact Point Adustment (C) for an MSRP of $208, with an RS and R version available for less (and a recently announced Ultimate version with carbon bits that costs more),” according to Michael Paul.

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