Get Answers to Your Questions About Mountain Biking

Ever wondered if a local mountain bike trail was hand built or machine cut? Or how much a complete Surly Pugsley (with size large frame) weighs? Well now you can find out!

Singletracks recently added the ability for anyone to ask questions on our trail and gear pages, and we’re really impressed with the questions (and answers!) that have been posted so far. Of course, we expected no less from such a helpful online MTB community. 🙂

How it works

Just below the description on Singletracks trail and gear review pages you’ll see a block with the most popular questions about the trail or item, and a text box where you can enter your own question. Vote up the questions (and answers) you find the most helpful so others can find the information they need more quickly.

Those who are watching trail or gear pages will receive an email whenever a new question is asked. The person asking the question can also choose to receive an email whenever a reply is received. Asking anonymous questions is allowed (we’ll moderate the question before it’s posted) but you won’t receive notifications for responses.

Questions and answers will show up in the Singletracks news feed on the homepage for additional visibility and quick answers. Members receive 1 point for each question asked or answer posted.

In a related note, Singletracks has also rolled out the ability for members to make changes to trail and gear info. For example, we’re missing MSRPs on many bike listings, so anyone can click “edit,” fill in the appropriate value, and we’ll get the info posted! As questions are asked and answered, it may become obvious certain trail or gear information is outdated or incorrect and needs to be updated. Look for the edit link in the right column on trail and gear pages to make changes.

Don’t be shy! Let the Singletracks community answer your mountain biking questions.

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