Foes Racing USA and Timberline Cycles Unleash the new “Mixer”

Foes and Timberline are at it again, innovating in the name of performance.  Their latest creation is the new Mixer, which sports a 27.5 in the rear and a 29er up front.  While the 69er phenomenon proved to be short lived, Foes and Timberline believe they’ve now found the truly best mix for performance across a wide variety of styles.  And they already have a strong showing to back that up.  While the first Mixer is setup designed to slay it as an aggressive trail bike, Timberline Team Riders have found their way to the top spot on the podium riding the prototype Mixer… in downhill races including the Colorado State Championship!  I don’t know if the new mixed wheel size will catch on, but I do know I can’t wait to throw a leg over one!

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