Black Friday / Cyber Monday Mountain Bike Deals

Aside from mountain biking, we can’t think of any reason to wake up at 4am on Friday – unless, of course, it’s for deals on mountain bike stuff. Fortunately most of the Black Friday deals we’ve spotted don’t require a wake-up call which leaves you free to ride early Friday morning. 🙂


Jenson’s Black Friday “Week of Deals” actually kicked off earlier this week and the best part is you can shop in your shorts liners. A couple of deals that caught our eyes: Hayes Stroker Carbon Brakes ($99) and Syncros FL Stems for $29.99.


With a reasonable 8am opening at most stores on Black Friday, REI is hoping to lure the “post-ride” crowd with $20 gift cards to the first 150 customers. The company is also promoting a winter sale which sorta leaves out the bike stuff – whatever happened to off-season pricing?

Your Local Bike Shop

Don’t assume big box and online retailers are the only ones with smokin’ deals on Black Friday. Drop by your LBS to see what’s on sale – you might be surprised!


Pricepoint has a Black Friday sale happening now that’s “4 days only,” though it’s not clear when it started or when (if?) it will end. I found a 29er tire for less than $18 and a name-brand 200 lumen LED headlamp for just $119. Get on it before the best stuff is gone.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w SE

We wrote about DeLorme’s mack-daddy GPS that’s paired with the SPOT Satellite Communicator back in October and this week a little birdie emailed us about a $240 discount at With the discount you’re still looking at over $450 plus $30 a year but hey, at least you get free shipping. Still, compared to other recreational GPS units, this one is a good value since it includes maps and the text-anywhere feature.


Arni Nashbar sold out years ago but the company is carrying on his tradition with huge deals for the holidays. Right now “Turkey Day Specials” are up to 70% off but we’d like to point out Turkey Day isn’t actually until tomorrow.


At Chainlove pretty much everyday is Black Friday so be sure to check in often for the best deals. We even pipe the deal feed to our mountain bike deals page so you can see what’s on sale at the moment.

Know of any other Black Friday / Cyber Monday mountain bike deals we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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