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45NRTH Japanther Winter Boots – $225

45NRTH Japanther

We don’t see much of the devil’s dandruff here in Georgia, but contrary to popular belief, it does get cold. As long as you have the proper gear, though, you can ride your bike year-round. In the past, I’ve tried to keep my feet warm by wearing thick wool socks and using shoe covers. That combo works okay if you can keep your feet dry and avoid hike-a-bikes, but that’s not always possible on a mountain bike ride.

The 45NRTH Japanthers are rated for temperatures from 25° TO 45°F. If you need something warmer, check out their Wölvhammer and Wølfgar boots. Essentially, the Japanthers are a standard mountain bike shoe with an integrated, rubberized shoe cover. 45NRTH doesn’t claim the shoes to be waterproof, but I can attest that they are at least highly water resistant. I have blasted through many a creek crossing and come out with dry feet. Other neat features include the composite waffled foam, reflective aluminum, and wool insoles that help keep your feet toasty, and the specially-formulated rubber compound that stays grippy even in the cold.

They run a little on the small side, so consider ordering a size up. I wear a size 46 in most brand’s shoes, so I went with a 47 in the Japanthers and they fit perfectly.

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