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Five Ten Danny MacAskill Signature Shoe – $130

Danny Mac Shoes

Danny MacAskill is a living legend. He’s one of the most talented and creative riders of his generation, and likely, ever. As I learned at Sea Otter last year, he’s also down to earth and friendly.

Being a legend means you get your own signature shoe–everyone knows that. The suede Five Ten Danny Macs are subdued in terms of looks, but they actually pack some performance features. The outsole uses Five Ten’s S1 Stealth rubber – renowned for its stickiness – and an EVA midsole to cushion all those two story drops to flat you’ll be doing.

While I wouldn’t wear these on an all-day trail ride, they have been great for commuting, cruising around town, and hanging in the office. If you want to look fly but also be prepared for the spontaneous bunnyhop competition, this is your shoe.

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