10 Mountain Bikes We Want to See Under the Tree this Christmas

Fatback Skookum

Photo: Greg Heil
Photo: Greg Heil

I have been a hold out on fat bikes for a while now, but since moving all the way up north to Alaska, their appeal has become undeniable. This year saw dozens of new fat bikes announced at Interbike (at least 22), along with the expected model year tweaks, but once all of the dust kicked up by those fat tires had settled, one bike truly had my eye–a curvaceous carbon fiber beauty known as the Fatback Skookum. Built around a 120mm-travel fork and geometry designed to give the rider plenty of response and agility without being squirrelly, it should be quite the capable rig. Additionally, there are plenty of options to suit whatever terrain and riding you throw its way, with the capability of running either a 26×4.8″ tire setup, or a 27.5+ or 29+ setup. With all the possible parts combinations and do-it-all attitude, the Skookum may be just the bike that finally makes me take the plunge.

MSRP : $3,100-$6,299

-Alec Cervenka

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