10 Mountain Bikes We Want to See Under the Tree this Christmas

Spot Brand Rallye

Photo: Spot
Photo: Spot

Skinny tires on Singletracks.com? gasp! After a successful first season of pedaling/running/jumping (and yes, even crashing (a lot)) through the muck and the mire, I have become a full-on convert to the church of Cyclocross. My first season was a bit of a trial and luckily, I had an awesome friend lend me a bike (shout out to Katherine!) to get dirty; now it’s time to treat myself to my own bike. After a season spent picking mud and grass out of gears and rim brakes, the idea of a belt-driven, disc-equipped cyclocross machine is hugely appealing to me, as maintenance will become almost a non-issue and the simplicity and robustness of the Gates belt drive system is perfectly suited to the harsh reality that is the cross course. Not to mention that the Rallye is just drop-dead gorgeous, with its swoopy lines and burly construction. Santa, if you’re reading this, I’ll take mine in Purple.

MSRP: $2,700

-Alec Cervenka

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