10 Mountain Bikes We Want to See Under the Tree this Christmas

Some way some how, mountain bike engineers continue to improving the bikes we ride, year after year! This Christmas, we’re salivating over these 10 new-and-improved mountain bikes–hopefully Santa drops one off for you this year!

The Marin Pine Mountain


It’s retro: it’s rigid, it’s steel, and most importantly, it’s FUN! The newest incarnation of Marin’s venerable Pine Mountain perfectly combines old school features and construction with new school geometry and 27.5+ wheels for all the stupid fun you could possibly hope for. Astonishingly, it does so at the crazy-by-today’s-standards MSRP of $989! At that price, you could put one under the tree for everyone in the family. Use it year-round as a commuter, snow bike, or trail bike and love every minute of it.

MSRP: $989

-John Fisch