News: Organizers of the Cape Epic to Coordinate the Snow Epic in the Swiss Alps

Fatbikin' it
Fatbikin’ it

No longer just the embarrassing late-night hookups you hope your friends don’t see, fat bikes are earning their own place in the sunshine. In fact, rumors we’ve heard from Eurobike — which is like Interbike but smoking inside is allowed — say that fat bikes took a prominent place in manufacturer’s booths.

Alps-olutely beautiful
Alps-olutely beautiful

I guess we’ll know for sure that fat bikes have caught on when there’s a 650B fat bike. I searched around, assuming I would finish typing that sentence with “Oh wait, there already is one,” but no luck. Come on, bike industry. Do you want our money or not?

Fat bike owners already know the truth, though, which is that big smooshy tires can be a lot of fun, especially in the snow. Now if only someone would start a festival designed specifically for fat bikes, and put it somewhere amazing. Like, say the Swiss Alps. Oh! They have. And it’s called the Snow Epic. Check out their web site here.

Here’s the event flyer:

If you were thinking “Well that sounds great but I don’t own, nor do I want to fly with, a fat bike of my own,” the flyer should put those prickly thoughts to rest. You can rent one once you hit the ground, although there isn’t any information on what those costs would be.

This guy is my kind of rider. He’s about to eat snow, but his face says he’s wondering if he left the stove on.

Swiss Oops
Swiss Oops

The event will run you 1600 CHF, or Confoederatio Helvetica Francs, also known as Swiss Francs, also known as $1740 USD at current exchange rates. That fee gets you room and some of your meals plus all your lift tickets and some Snow Epic swag. You’ll have to pay for your own air fare, or just hop on your fat bike and ride across the ocean if your tires are fat enough.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Anyone got some spare CHFs laying around for my entry? I bet I can fall down at least as good as the guy pictured above!

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