Trail building is an important part of mountain biking. After all, if no one built or maintained trails, we wouldn’t have many, if any, places to ride.

For many mountain bikers, building trails is the key to skills progression and for others it’s a great way to connect with other riders in the community.

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  • Head Over Handlebars

    I’ve done both. I started making some stuff in my backyard a few years ago, and I’ve been building with a local group since last fall. We started construction on a skills park at a local park in May or June of this year. Since then I’ve been out there working almost every week and have had my hands on every feature we’ve built. I really enjoy building trails and technical features and am glad that I’ve got the opportunity to build the type of stuff that I want to ride. I’ve made some good friends in the process and we’ve made far more progress than I expected this summer. We don’t have much elevation to work with so we have to get creative and it’s been a lot of fun. And riding a feature that you built yourself gives you a great feeling of accomplishment. If you’re in Oak Ridge TN, drop by the Dirt Lab at Haw Ridge Park, and show the great folks at CVTA some love!

  • stormpeakco

    (Gotta have skin/calluses/blisters in the game) most seasons I volunteer 1-3 days on Routt County Riders (RCR)
    trail work days.

  • rmap01

    While I have not done so personally I support my local trail groups with annual donations/membership. Really appreciate the efforts of all those getting there hands dirty for the benefit of all of us!

  • bikematt

    I have helped in the past but I am like many I am lazy, the emails stopped so I don’t get reminded. I will need to find a group after I move if our renovation is ever completed. I get out to ride so little it is difficult to want to do trail work rather than ride. Free passes to the parks that charge would be nice, or at least close the park on trail work days. The other would be to banish those (as a group) that don’t do their part some user groups do not ever see a need to participate in construction and others provide disproportionate damage. Most of the population thinks all the trails have always been there.

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