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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Ash Mountain Trail topo mapKhonkhor5.0-
Baruun Salaa Zuun Salaa Hills topo mapUlaanbaatar31.0-
Bayanzurkh Tovchoo up Khurkhree Gol topo mapUlaanbaatar13.0Intermediate bike trail
Bayanzurkh Uul Central topo mapKhonkhor37.0Intermediate bike trail
Bayanzurkh Uul East topo mapKhonkhor31.0Intermediate bike trail
Bayanzurkh Uul West topo mapUlaanbaatar16.0-
Bearded Vulture Pass Trails topo mapTerelj Gorkhi National Park20.0Intermediate bike trail
Bombat Trails topo mapUlaanbaatar12.0-
Bulgan Range Central topo mapBulgan50.0-
Bulgan Range North topo mapBulgan31.0-
Bulgan Range South topo mapBulgan25.0-
Camel Run topo mapTerelj Gorkhi National Park11.0Beginner bike trail
Canal Trail topo mapUlaanbaatar3.0-
Chengeltei Mountain North topo mapUlaanbaatar25.0Intermediate bike trail
Chengeltei Mountain South Ridge topo mapUlaanbaatar6.0Advanced bike trail
Chengeltei Mountain Southwest topo mapUlaanbaatar22.0-
Chuluut Am topo mapUlaanbaatar5.0Intermediate bike trail
Clay Mountain topo mapKhonkhor7.0-
Clay Mountain Portal topo mapKhonkhor1.0-
Dari-Ekh / Dambadarjaa Hills topo mapUlaanbaatar31.0Intermediate bike trail
District 15 Network topo mapUlaanbaatar4.0Intermediate bike trail
E-Whip topo mapUlaanbaatar3.0-
East Descent North Valley topo mapKhonkhor4.0-
East Descent South Valley topo mapKhonkhor4.0-
East Valley topo mapKhonkhor5.0-
Eastern Shore of Hovsgol Lake topo mapHatgal145.0Intermediate bike trail
Elst Uul topo mapNalaikh37.0Intermediate bike trail
Fire Tower Lower Loop topo mapUlaanbaatar8.0Intermediate bike trail
Forbidden Valley Loop topo mapUlaanbaatar10.0Intermediate bike trail
Inner Basin topo mapKhonkhor3.0-
Ion Blaster topo mapUlaanbaatar2.0-
Ion Disruptor topo mapUlaanbaatar2.0-
Jankhai Trail topo mapHatgal24.0Intermediate bike trail
Jargalant to Zaisan topo mapUlaanbaatar12.0Intermediate bike trail
Khargana Gol topo mapBulgan33.0Beginner bike trail
Khonkhor Hills South topo mapKhonkhor37.0-
Khurel Togoot Observatory Trails topo mapUlaanbaatar10.0Intermediate bike trail
Lone Tree Mountain Pass topo mapKhonkhor4.0Intermediate bike trail
Lone Tree Mountain West Portal topo mapKhonkhor1.0-
Lower Tur Norakh Gol topo mapKhonkhor4.0-
Manjusri-Tsetsee Gun Trail topo mapZuunmod8.0Advanced bike trail
Moon Mountain Pass topo mapKhonkhor2.0-
Nairamdal Trails topo mapUlaanbaatar37.0-
Nukht East Ridge topo mapUlaanbaatar4.0-
Nukht to Zaisan topo mapUlaanbaatar14.0Advanced bike trail
Nuuts Tovchoo Amaralt topo mapBornuur25.0Intermediate bike trail
Sagsagiin Ridge Trails topo mapHatgal40.0Intermediate bike trail
Selkh Am topo mapUlaanbaatar25.0Intermediate bike trail
Selkh Am East Ridge topo mapUlaanbaatar6.0Intermediate bike trail
Selkh Am West Ridge topo mapUlaanbaatar8.0Intermediate bike trail
Shargamorit Khandgait Hills East topo mapUlaanbaatar50.0Intermediate bike trail
Terelj Singletrack Loop topo mapTerelj Gorkhi National Park10.0-
The Beast topo mapUlaanbaatar9.0Intermediate bike trail
Thermal Detonator topo mapUlaanbaatar2.0-
Thunderbolt Mountain Pass topo mapKhonkhor4.0-
Tsetsee Gun East Trail topo mapKhonkhor11.0Intermediate bike trail
Tuul River topo mapUlaanbaatar10.0-
Two Dogs topo mapUlaanbaatar4.0Intermediate bike trail
Two Dogs Extension topo mapUlaanbaatar3.0-
Uguumur Trail topo mapTerelj Gorkhi National Park4.0Intermediate bike trail
Upper Basin topo mapKhonkhor2.0-
Upper Basin Short Loop topo mapKhonkhor2.0-
Wild Horses topo mapKhonkhor4.0-
Yarmag Hills topo mapUlannbaatar15.0-
Zaisan Chutes Trail topo mapUlaanbaatar5.0Intermediate bike trail
Zaisan Trail topo mapUlaanbaatar2.0-
Zaisan West Ridge topo mapUlaanbaatar7.0Advanced bike trail