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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
A few configuring trails topo mapShel burns3.0-
Adams Camp topo mapStowe10.0Intermediate bike trail
Aldis Hill Network/hard'ack topo mapSt Albans4.0Intermediate bike trail
Arcana topo mapJericho3.0Intermediate bike trail
Ascutney Trails topo mapAscutney10.0Intermediate bike trail
Ball Mountain Lake topo mapJamaica16.0-
Bennington Area Trail System - BATS topo mapBennington10.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Deer State Park topo mapGroton13.0-
Black Bear topo mapEast Haven12.0Advanced bike trail
Blue Ribbon trail topo mapNorwich16.0-
Blueberry Lake Trails topo mapWarren5.0Intermediate bike trail
Boulder Beach State Park topo mapGroton14.0-
Bristol Cliffs topo mapBristol8.0-
Burke Mountain Bike Park topo mapEast Burke10.0Advanced bike trail
Busternut topo mapWaitsfield2.0Advanced bike trail
Cable Trail topo mapKillington0.2Advanced bike trail
Cady Hill topo mapStowe20.0Advanced bike trail
Cady's Falls topo mapHyde Park6.0Intermediate bike trail
Camel's Hump State Forest Howe Block topo mapWarren20.0Expert bike trail
Camp Johnson topo mapColchester10.0Intermediate bike trail
Carse Hills topo mapHinesburg5.0Intermediate bike trail
Catamount Family Outdoor Center topo mapWilliston20.0Intermediate bike trail
Causeway Park topo mapColchester8.0Easiest bike trail
Chain gang topo mapWaitsfield8.0-
Chipman Hill topo mapMiddlebury3.0-
Cochran Road Trails topo mapRichmond6.0-
Colchester High School Woods topo mapColchester20.0Beginner bike trail
Cotton Brook topo mapStowe9.0Intermediate bike trail
Easy Grind topo mapWoodstock2.0Easiest bike trail
Elemental Bike Park @ Suicide Six topo mapWoodstock6.0-
Enchanted Forest topo mapWarren1.0-
Endless Brook Trails topo mapPoultney8.0Intermediate bike trail
Ethan Allen/Burlington High School Woods topo mapBurlington5.0Intermediate bike trail
Evolution Bike Park Okemo topo mapLudlow6.0-
Fairground Trails topo mapPoultney8.0Advanced bike trail
Flying Squirrel topo mapWarren2.0-
Full Steel Panther topo mapKillington1.5-
Green Mile topo mapLudlow1.0-
Green Mountain Trails topo mapPittsfield20.0Intermediate bike trail
Hartford Town Forest topo mapHartford6.0Intermediate bike trail
Hayes Brook Trail topo mapPittsfield3.0Advanced bike trail
Hinesburg Town Forest topo mapHinesburg15.0Advanced bike trail
Honey Hollow topo mapRichmond8.0Easiest bike trail
Hoot, Toot & Whistle topo mapWilmington14.0Beginner bike trail
Indian Brook/essex Reservoir topo mapEssex3.0Expert bike trail
Intervale Bike Trail topo mapBurlington4.0Beginner bike trail
Irish Hill topo mapBerlin6.0Intermediate bike trail
Kettle Pond State Park topo mapGroton13.0-
Killington Mountain Resort topo mapKillington30.0Advanced bike trail
Kingdom Trails topo mapEast Burke110.0Intermediate bike trail
Krusty topo mapKillington2.0Advanced bike trail
Ledges topo mapBolton3.0-
Little River State Park topo mapWaterbury28.0Intermediate bike trail
Luce Trail topo mapStowe4.0Intermediate bike trail
Maidstone State Park topo mapMaidstone0.0-
Mendon/shrewsbury Cc Fire Roads topo mapMendon20.0Intermediate bike trail
Millstone Hill topo mapBarre20.0Advanced bike trail
Mobbs Valley topo mapJericho3.0Intermediate bike trail
Mt. Equinox/Water Tower topo mapManchester0.0Intermediate bike trail
Mt. Snow topo mapWilmington30.0Advanced bike trail
Mud Pond Loop topo mapWilliston4.0Beginner bike trail
New Discovery State Park topo mapMarshfield15.0-
Perry Hill topo mapWaterbury15.0Advanced bike trail
Pine Hill Park topo mapRutland15.0Intermediate bike trail
Pittsford Rec Trails topo mapPittsford6.0-
Plum Line topo mapWarren4.0Advanced bike trail
Red Rocks topo mapSouth Burlington4.0Easiest bike trail
Rock Point topo mapBurlington2.0Advanced bike trail
Saxon Hill topo mapEssex20.0Intermediate bike trail
Sherburne Trails topo mapKillington6.0Beginner bike trail
Sideshow Bob topo mapKillington2.0-
Sleepy Hollow Ski And Bike Center topo mapBurlington10.0Intermediate bike trail
Spruce Mountain topo mapPlainfield4.0-
Stowe Recreation Path topo mapStowe11.0Easiest bike trail
Stowe Town Forest topo mapStowe7.0Intermediate bike trail
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