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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
110 topo mapEagle Mountain0.4-
24 Hours Of Moab Race Course topo mapMoab14.0Intermediate bike trail
4 Bay topo mapElk Ridge6.0Intermediate bike trail
7 Up topo mapMoab8.8Intermediate bike trail
7-Up Access topo mapMoab0.8-
Ability Way Trail topo mapPark City0.8-
Agate Loop topo mapMoab1.6-
Agate-Jasper Connector topo mapMoab0.2-
Alaska Trail topo mapMoab3.6Intermediate bike trail
Alpine Lake topo mapPark City0.6-
Alpine-Ridge Connector topo mapAlpine0.7-
Amasa Back Area topo mapMoab20.0Advanced bike trail
Amasa Back Trail topo mapMoab11.0Advanced bike trail
Ambush topo mapPark City1.4Intermediate bike trail
Ann's Trail topo map2.5-
Ant Farm topo mapPark City0.6Intermediate bike trail
Antelope Island topo mapOgden15.0Beginner bike trail
Antelope Island State Park topo mapSyracuse30.0Intermediate bike trail
Apex topo mapPark City2.0Intermediate bike trail
Aqueduct topo mapHeber City0.6-
Arches NP Main Road topo mapMoab35.0Beginner bike trail
Archie's Loop topo mapSundance Resort3.0Intermediate bike trail
Armstrong topo mapPark City2.9Intermediate bike trail
ATV Sovereign Trail topo mapMoab1.9-
Azurite topo mapMoab1.0-
Baby Steps Singletrack Loop 1 topo map1.1Intermediate bike trail
Backslide topo mapPark City0.8-
BackSpacer topo mapEagle Mountain0.7Intermediate bike trail
Bar B topo mapMoab1.8Intermediate bike trail
Barrel Roll topo mapSanta Clara5.4Intermediate bike trail
Barrel Roll topo mapPark City0.5-
Bartlett Wash topo mapMoab2.5Intermediate bike trail
Bear Canyon Trail topo mapAlpine0.8-
Bearclaw Poppy topo mapSt. George3.8Beginner bike trail
Bennie Creek topo mapPayson4.6Intermediate bike trail
Betty topo mapOrem0.7-
Big Chief topo mapMoab3.2Beginner bike trail
Big Lonely topo mapMoab3.0Intermediate bike trail
Big loop topo mapCedar City10.0-
Big Mesa topo mapMoab3.0-
Big Spring Hollow Trail topo mapProvo1.1-
Big Springs topo mapProvo3.0Beginner bike trail
Billy's Bypass topo mapPark City0.0Advanced bike trail
Birdsong Trail topo mapOgden0.8-
Björr Trail topo mapLogan5.2-
Black Dog topo mapAlpine0.4-
Black Dragon Trail topo mapFerron5.0Intermediate bike trail
Black Dragon Wash topo mapGreen River8.0Beginner bike trail
Blackhawk Loop topo mapPayson8.1Intermediate bike trail
Blackridge topo mapHerriman0.8-
Blazing Saddle topo mapHerriman0.4-
Blind Hollow topo mapLogan7.0Advanced bike trail
Bobsled topo mapSalt Lake City7.0Intermediate bike trail
Bobsled Trail topo mapSalt Lake City1.1-
Bonneville Shoreline topo mapLayton100.0Intermediate bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Ogden North Of 12th topo mapOgden8.0Advanced bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Ogden South Of 12th topo mapOgden8.0Intermediate bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Cedar Hills to Grove Creek Canyon topo mapCedar Hills9.0Intermediate bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Layton Section topo mapLayton6.0Beginner bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Northern Salt Lake City topo mapSalt Lake City15.0Advanced bike trail
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Ogden Section topo mapOgden7.0Intermediate bike trail
Boondocks topo mapMoab1.2Intermediate bike trail
Borderline topo mapMoab1.3Intermediate bike trail
Boren Mesa topo mapMoab2.1-
Boulder topo mapPark City2.1-
Box lake Trail topo mapPayson0.4-
Brian Head topo mapBrian Head11.0Easiest bike trail
Brighton Lakes Loop topo mapBrighton4.0Advanced bike trail
Brim Trail topo mapWolf Creek7.0-
Brocks Point topo mapDraper0.3-
Bronto Jam topo mapPark City0.5-
Brown Dog topo mapAlpine0.2-
Brushy Mountain topo mapMoab0.4-
Bst To Equestrian Center Loop topo mapDraper10.0Intermediate bike trail
Buffalo Head Trail topo mapGreen River1.2-
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