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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
AC/DC/MCR topo mapKnoxville3.0Intermediate bike trail
Advanced Loop topo mapClarksville3.0Intermediate bike trail
AEDC topo mapTullahoma14.0Beginner bike trail
Anderson School/Helix topo mapKnoxville8.0Intermediate bike trail
Azalea topo mapOcoee2.0Beginner bike trail
Baker Creek Preserve topo mapKnoxville7.0Beginner bike trail
Bauxite Ridge topo mapCollegedale10.0Intermediate bike trail
Bays Mountain Park topo mapKingsport12.0Intermediate bike trail
Bear Wheeler topo mapCarthaige5.0Intermediate bike trail
Bells Bend Trail topo mapNashville2.0Beginner bike trail
Benton Falls Trail topo mapOcoee2.0Beginner bike trail
Big Oak topo mapOak Ridge2.0-
Big South Fork topo mapOneida10.0Intermediate bike trail
Black Forrest topo mapChattanooga3.0Beginner bike trail
Bluff Trail topo mapMillington2.0Beginner bike trail
Booker T. Washington State Park topo mapChattanooga8.0Intermediate bike trail
Boyds Gap topo mapCopperhill1.0Advanced bike trail
Brush Creek topo mapOcoee7.0Beginner bike trail
Cades Cove topo mapMaryville11.0Beginner bike trail
Calloway Ridge Trail topo mapKnoxville4.0-
Cane Creek topo mapCookeville2.0Beginner bike trail
Cane Ridge topo mapAntioch7.0Beginner bike trail
Cedar Hill Park topo mapNashville3.0Intermediate bike trail
Chain Ring/Creek topo mapKnoxville2.0Intermediate bike trail
Chickasaw Trace topo mapColumbia8.0Intermediate bike trail
Chilhowee trail system topo mapOcoee20.0Intermediate bike trail
Chimney Rock #154 topo mapNewport1.3-
Chinquapin Ridge Trail topo mapFall Creek Falls7.0Beginner bike trail
Citico Creek topo mapTellico Plains22.0Easiest bike trail
Clarksville Greenway topo mapClarksville6.0-
Clemmer Trail topo mapOcoee4.0Intermediate bike trail
Climbworks El Regis topo mapGatlinburg2.0Intermediate bike trail
Concord Park topo mapKnoxville6.0Intermediate bike trail
Edwards Point topo mapChattanooga25.0Beginner bike trail
Enterprise South topo mapChattanooga10.0Beginner bike trail
Etsu Campus Trail System topo mapJohnson City5.0Intermediate bike trail
Fairview Trails (Bowie Nature Park) topo mapFairview10.0Beginner bike trail
Fall Creek Falls Upper Loop topo mapSpencer13.0Expert bike trail
Flow topo mapKnoxville5.0Intermediate bike trail
Fred Young topo mapJackson7.0Intermediate bike trail
Frozen Head State Park Fire Tower Trail topo mapWartburg10.0Intermediate bike trail
Grand Gap topo mapOneida6.0Intermediate bike trail
Greenway Farms topo mapHixson2.0Beginner bike trail
Ground Hog topo mapKnoxville1.0-
Hamilton Creek topo mapNashville5.0Intermediate bike trail
Harrison Bay State Park topo mapChattanooga4.0Beginner bike trail
Haw Ridge Park topo mapOak Ridge25.0Intermediate bike trail
Herb Parsons topo mapMemphis7.0Beginner bike trail
HopePark Mountain Biking Trail topo mapNashville5.0-
IC King Park topo mapKnoxville5.0Intermediate bike trail
Ijams Nature Centre topo mapKnoxville2.0Intermediate bike trail
Indian Boundry topo mapTellico Plains3.0Beginner bike trail
John Muir Trail along Chestnut RIdge topo mapOneida9.0Beginner bike trail
Johnston Woods Trails topo mapCleveland4.0Beginner bike trail
Jones Mill topo mapSmyrna5.0Intermediate bike trail
Jones' Trail topo mapJonesbourough5.0-
Kiddie Trail topo mapChattanooga8.0Intermediate bike trail
Knight Fall Gravity topo mapKnoxville1.0Advanced bike trail
Lakeland Trails at I.H. Managerial Park topo mapMemphis3.0Advanced bike trail
Lions Club topo mapFayetteville7.0Beginner bike trail
LIttle Citico Horse Trails 2&3 topo mapVonore9.0-
Lock 4 topo mapGallatin9.0Intermediate bike trail
Lost Chromosome topo mapKnoxville1.0Intermediate bike trail
Loyston Point Trail topo mapAndersonville5.0Intermediate bike trail
Monterey Trails topo mapMonterey4.0Easiest bike trail
Montgomery Bell State Park Mtb Trail topo mapWhite Bluff25.0Intermediate bike trail
Naked Widow Loop topo mapOcoee4.0Advanced bike trail
Norris Watershed topo mapNorris20.0Beginner bike trail
Paint Rock Trail #154A topo mapNewport0.6-
Panther Creek State Park topo mapMorristown7.0Intermediate bike trail
Percy Warner Mountain Bike Trails topo mapNashville9.0Intermediate bike trail
perimeter TrIl topo mapsewanee18.0Advanced bike trail
Pinky's Point topo mapChattanooga5.0Beginner bike trail
Portland Mountain Bike Trail topo mapPortland3.0Intermediate bike trail
Raccoon Mountain Trail Network topo mapChattanooga24.0Intermediate bike trail
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