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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
10k Trail topo mapAlbuquerque4.0Advanced bike trail
4th of July Canyon Trail topo mapRed River4.0-
70 Moto Forest Trail topo mapTaos4.0Beginner bike trail
A Mountain Trail topo mapLas Cruces5.0Advanced bike trail
A Trail #119 topo mapAlamogordo5.0Advanced bike trail
Agua Sarca Trail #16 topo mapTaos4.0-
Alamo Canyon Trail #104 topo mapCloudcroft7.0Intermediate bike trail
Alamo Peak Trail #109 topo mapCloudcroft3.0-
Albuquerque Bosque topo mapAlbuquerque8.0Beginner bike trail
Alien Run Trail topo mapAztec8.0Intermediate bike trail
Amole Canyon topo mapTaos25.0Beginner bike trail
Angel Fire Bike Park topo mapAngel Fire22.0Advanced bike trail
Antlion Fatbike trail topo mapRio Rancho1.0Intermediate bike trail
Apple Tree Canyon #5601 topo mapCloudcroft5.0-
Arenas Valley topo mapSanta Clara11.0-
Arroyo Hondo Open Space topo mapSanta Fe3.0Beginner bike trail
Arroyo Hondo Trails topo mapSanta Fe15.0-
Aspen Vista topo mapSanta Fe10.0Intermediate bike trail
Atalaya Mountain (174) topo mapSanta Fe7.0Advanced bike trail
Badger trail topo mapRio Rancho1.0Beginner bike trail
Bayo Canyon topo mapLos Alamos14.0-
Bear Mountain Trail #28 topo mapTaos3.0-
Bear Wallow topo mapSanta Fe3.0-
Benson Canyon Trail #5005 topo mapCloudcroft4.0-
Benson Ridge topo mapCloudcroft8.0Intermediate bike trail
Bitchin Bridges topo mapRio rancho2.0-
Black Range Crest Trail #79 topo mapHillsboro8.0Intermediate bike trail
Blue Ribbon topo mapCedar Crest4.0Intermediate bike trail
Bobsled topo mapPlacitas2.0Beginner bike trail
Borrego / Winsor Descent topo mapSanta Fe7.0-
Bosque From Alameda topo mapAlbuquerque13.0Beginner bike trail
Bosque Rio Rancho topo mapRio Rancho20.0-
Boston Hill topo mapSilver City8.0-
Buena Suerte Trail #170 topo mapTaos3.0-
Buggy topo mapPlacitas1.0Advanced bike trail
Burns Lake Trail FR 801 topo mapTierra Amarilla4.0-
Cajun Pine topo mapTijeras2.0Advanced bike trail
Camino Real Trail #3 topo mapVadito3.0-
Canjilon Mountain Trail #54 topo mapChama7.0-
CaƱon de Valle topo mapLos Alamos3.0-
Capulin Trail #494 topo mapTaos6.0-
Cedar Creek Spaghetti Bowl topo mapRuidoso12.0Intermediate bike trail
Cedro Singletrack (05625) topo mapTijeras2.0Intermediate bike trail
Cerrillos Hills State Park topo mapCerrillos6.0Advanced bike trail
Cerro Vista Trail #124 topo mapTaos8.0-
Chalk Dust topo mapPlacitas1.0-
Challenge Trail topo mapSandia Park4.0-
Chamisa Trail topo mapSanta Fe2.0Beginner bike trail
Chamisoso Trail topo mapTijeras4.0Advanced bike trail
City Of Rocks topo mapSilver City10.0Intermediate bike trail
Climax Canyon Nature Trail topo mapRaton4.0-
Continental Divide Trail - Cumbres Pass/lagunitas topo mapChama39.0-
Cordova Canyon Trail #17 topo mapTaos4.0-
Cortado Trail #162 topo mapTaos4.0-
Coyote Ridge topo mapRio rancho2.0-
Coyote Trail topo mapTijeras5.0Intermediate bike trail
Crosstown topo mapLos Alamos10.0Intermediate bike trail
Dale Ball topo mapSanta Fe30.0Intermediate bike trail
Dangerous D's Jump Line topo mapRio rancho1.0-
David Canyon Road Trail topo mapSandia Park2.0-
Delberts Trail topo mapTijeras3.0Advanced bike trail
Devisadaro Peak Trail #108 topo mapTaos6.0Advanced bike trail
Devisadero Loop (108) topo mapTaos5.0Advanced bike trail
Domingo Baca Trail topo mapBelen2.0-
Dona Ana topo mapDona Ana20.0Intermediate bike trail
Double Slot Fat Bike Trail topo mapFarmington13.0-
Drop In topo mapTijeras2.0Intermediate bike trail
El Cerro de Los Lunas topo mapLos Lunas8.0Intermediate bike trail
El Malpais National Conservation Area topo mapGrants0.0Intermediate bike trail
Electric Avenue topo mapPlacitas2.0-
Elena Gallegos Open Space / North Foothills topo mapAlbuquerque16.0Intermediate bike trail
Elliot Barker (1) topo mapAngel Fire11.0Intermediate bike trail
Ellis Trail topo mapCedar Crest6.0-
Exploration Trail topo mapRed River5.0-
Faulty Trail topo mapCedar Crest20.0Expert bike trail
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