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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Abenaki topo mapWolfeboro4.0-
Annett trail topo mapRindge10.0Beginner bike trail
Attitash Mountain topo mapNorth Conway9.0Advanced bike trail
Bear Brook topo mapAllenstown11.0Intermediate bike trail
Beaver Brook Association topo mapHollis14.0Intermediate bike trail
Betty Arnold Forest topo mapAmherst8.0-
Bicentennial Trail topo mapAmherst3.0Intermediate bike trail
Black Mountain topo mapLincoln1.0-
Blue Job Mountain State Forest topo mapRochester20.0Intermediate bike trail
Boston Lot topo mapLebanon30.0Advanced bike trail
Boulder Loop Trail topo mapConway2.0-
Bow Town Forest topo mapBow6.0Intermediate bike trail
Casalis topo mapPeterborough5.0Intermediate bike trail
Cornish Town Forest topo mapCornish15.0-
Curtisville and Batchelder Mills Road Trails topo mapConcord6.0Beginner bike trail
Depot Road Singletracks/FOMBA topo mapAuburn10.0Intermediate bike trail
Double Track topo mapHanover1.0-
Dover Community Trail topo mapDover3.0-
drummer hill topo mapKeene8.0Advanced bike trail
Drummer Park topo mapKeene10.0Intermediate bike trail
Dublin trail systems topo mapDublin6.0Intermediate bike trail
Eastman Pond topo mapHanover4.0-
Echo Lake System topo mapNorth Conway20.0Intermediate bike trail
Fernald topo mapWolfeboro2.5-
Fireline topo mapManchester30.0-
Fort Rock topo mapExeter0.0Advanced bike trail
Fox Park topo mapPlymouth10.0Advanced bike trail
France Road topo mapBarrington6.0-
France Road topo mapBarrington6.0-
Franconia Recreational Trail topo mapFranconia20.0Easiest bike trail
Franklin Falls topo mapFranklin8.0Intermediate bike trail
Fundy Trail topo mapNottingham3.0Intermediate bike trail
Great Glen Trails topo mapJackson15.0Intermediate bike trail
Greeley Pond Trail topo mapWaterville Valley3.0Advanced bike trail
Gyro topo mapPlymouth2.0Beginner bike trail
Hampstead topo mapHampstead15.0Intermediate bike trail
Hancock Loop topo mapLincoln1.0-
Highland Mountain Bike Park topo mapTilton20.0Advanced bike trail
Holly schmoly trail topo mapHancock3.0Intermediate bike trail
Hopkinton-Everett topo mapHopkinton10.0-
Horse Hill Nature Preserve topo mapMerrimack10.0Intermediate bike trail
Hospital Trails topo mapConcord4.0Intermediate bike trail
Hunt Mountain Trails topo mapMonroe4.0Advanced bike trail
Kingman Farm topo mapMadbury6.0Intermediate bike trail
Kirby-ivers Town Forest topo mapPelham1.0-
Lamson Farm topo mapMont Vernon5.0Beginner bike trail
Loon Mountain Resort topo mapLincoln3.0-
Lower Bypass topo mapLincoln1.0-
Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trail topo mapAlbany19.0-
Mast Yard and Riverwalk topo mapConcord7.0-
Mayflower Hill/Patch Hill topo mapMilford5.0-
Mines Falls Park topo mapNashua12.0Beginner bike trail
Moat Mountain topo mapConway10.0Intermediate bike trail
Monson (Hollis, NH) topo mapHollis5.0-
Moody Park topo mapClaremont10.0Intermediate bike trail
Moore Dam topo mapLittleton3.0Intermediate bike trail
Moose Brook State Park topo mapGorham 10.0Intermediate bike trail
Musquash Conservation Area topo mapLondonderry7.0Intermediate bike trail
Newport Claremont Rail Trail topo mapNewport and Claremont23.0Easiest bike trail
Odiorne State Park topo mapRye11.0-
Old School topo mapKeene3.0-
Page Hill topo mapHill8.0Intermediate bike trail
Parker Mountain / Gardner topo mapLittleton6.0Intermediate bike trail
Pinnacle topo mapNewport10.0Advanced bike trail
Pudding Pond Area topo mapNorth Conway20.0Intermediate bike trail
Red Tail Trail topo mapNorth Conway2.0Advanced bike trail
Rob Brook topo mapConway2.0-
Rockingham Recreational Trail topo mapNewfields28.0-
Salamander to Silverfish to Skyline topo mapAmherst/Merrimack7.0Intermediate bike trail
Salem Town Forest topo mapSalem15.0Beginner bike trail
Salmon Falls Trail topo mapSomersworth4.0-
Sawyer A Tamposi Water Supply Trail topo mapBarrington1.0-
Serendipity topo mapLincoln1.0Beginner bike trail
Serendipity topo mapLincoln1.0-
Sewall Woods topo mapWolfeboro5.0Intermediate bike trail
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