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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
18 Road Trails / North Fruita Desert topo mapFruita40.0Intermediate bike trail
1990 World Mountain Bike Chapionship trail topo mapDurango7.0Advanced bike trail
3 Sisters / Alderfer topo mapEvergreen7.0Intermediate bike trail
5-Parks topo mapMorrison20.0Intermediate bike trail
7th Heaven topo mapDurango2.0-
82210 McCoy Gulch Spur topo mapCotopaxi2.0-
A-10 topo mapEdwards8.0Intermediate bike trail
Abrams / Worlds Greatest topo mapEagle8.0Intermediate bike trail
Agate Creek topo mapSalida10.0Advanced bike trail
Airline Trail topo mapSnowmass Village2.0Intermediate bike trail
Alder Creek / #577 topo mapSargents3.0-
Alpine Loop topo mapSilverton58.0Intermediate bike trail
Alta Trail topo mapTelluride1.0Beginner bike trail
American Lakes Trail topo mapGould3.0-
Animas City Trail topo mapDurango 6.0Advanced bike trail
Antora Creek Trail / #765 topo mapBonanza2.0-
Antora Meadows Trail / Trail #764 topo mapBonanza3.0-
Apex Park topo mapGolden8.0Advanced bike trail
Aqueduct Trail topo mapKeystone6.0Intermediate bike trail
Arapaho Ridge topo mapKremmling10.0Advanced bike trail
Argentine Pass topo mapSilver Plume21.0Intermediate bike trail
Argentine Trail topo mapBreckenridge7.0Advanced bike trail
Arkansas Hills topo mapSalida20.0Advanced bike trail
Arkansas River Trail topo mapBuena Vista1.0Beginner bike trail
Arkansas Riverwalk Trail topo mapCanon City14.0Easiest bike trail
Arnold Gulch Area topo mapBuena Vista15.0Intermediate bike trail
Arrowhead Road / #434 topo mapBuena Vista1.0-
Aspen Alley topo mapBreckenridge2.0Intermediate bike trail
Aspen Loop topo mapMontrose7.0Beginner bike trail
Aspen Ridge / Road #185 topo mapSalida15.0Easiest bike trail
Aspen Valley Ranch - Loops topo mapWoodland Park5.0-
Avery topo mapCrested Butte3.0Advanced bike trail
Avon Connector topo mapAvon4.0Advanced bike trail
AWW and Many More topo mapRifle5.0-
B&B Trail topo mapBreckenridge2.0Beginner bike trail
Bacon Bits topo mapBuena Vista2.0-
Baker Tank Trail topo mapBreckenridge6.0Intermediate bike trail
Bakerville Loveland Valley Trail topo mapSilver Plume10.0Beginner bike trail
Bald Mountain Road / #300 topo mapNathrop13.0Beginner bike trail
Bald Mountain Trail topo mapBoulder1.0Beginner bike trail
Baldwin Creek Road / FS #277 topo mapSt Elmo5.0Intermediate bike trail
Baldy Lake Trail / #491 topo mapSargents6.0-
Baldy Trail topo mapPine3.0Intermediate bike trail
Barbour Fork Loop topo mapIdaho Springs8.0Intermediate bike trail
Barney Ford / Juniata Trail topo mapBreckenridge5.0Intermediate bike trail
Barr Trail / Pikes Peak topo mapManitou Springs26.0Expert bike trail
Basalt Mountain topo mapEl Jebel10.0Intermediate bike trail
Bassam Park Lariat / Trail #1435 topo mapBuena Vista5.0Intermediate bike trail
Baxter Gulch topo mapCrested Butte5.0-
Bayou Gulch Bike Park topo mapParker4.0Intermediate bike trail
Beacon Hill Open Space topo mapColorado Springs1.0Beginner bike trail
Beall Trail topo mapSteamboat Springs6.0Intermediate bike trail
Bean Canyon Loop topo mapDolores14.0Advanced bike trail
Bear topo mapCrested Butte6.0Intermediate bike trail
Bear Creek Canyon Loop topo mapColorado Springs8.0Advanced bike trail
Bear Creek East Side topo mapColorado Springs2.0-
Bear Creek FS Road / #101 / #49 topo mapSalida6.0Beginner bike trail
Bear Creek Lake Park topo mapLakewood10.0Beginner bike trail
Bear Creek Regional Park topo mapColorado Springs6.0Beginner bike trail
Bear Gulch / #610 topo mapSargents5.0-
Bears Ears topo mapCraig44.0-
Beaver Brook Watershed topo mapIdaho Springs5.0-
Beaver Cow Trail / #608 topo mapSargents3.0-
Beaver Creek Ski Resort topo mapAvon30.0Advanced bike trail
Beaver Creek Trail / #3230 topo mapGunnison4.0-
Bergen Peak topo mapEvergreen8.0Advanced bike trail
Berry Creek Loop topo mapEdwards4.0Intermediate bike trail
Betasso Preserve topo mapBoulder7.0Intermediate bike trail
Big Bend Creek / #488 topo mapSargents6.0-
Big Canyon topo mapDurango2.0Advanced bike trail
Big Double 8 Loop topo mapDurango20.0Advanced bike trail
Big Willis Gulch Trail topo mapLeadville6.0Advanced bike trail
Bike Snowmass Bike Park topo mapSnowmass Village75.0Advanced bike trail
Bishop's Rock topo mapMonte Vista6.0Advanced bike trail
Black Cloud Trail topo mapLeadville6.0Advanced bike trail
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