The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in South Korea


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in South Korea using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in South Korea? Find and review your favorite South Korea bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.MachesanDongduchon10.0Intermediate bike trail
2.Oksan ResevoirOksanmyeon7.0Intermediate bike trail
3.YongpyongMTBparkPyongchanggun1.5Beginner bike trail
4.ChilbongsanDongduchon8.0Advanced bike trail
5.Cemetery RidgeYonging3.0Intermediate bike trail
6.MyojiGoyang8.0Beginner bike trail
7.GyeyangsanIncheon5.0Beginner bike trail
8.WangbangsanDongduchon30.0Beginner bike trail
9.DDC Stadium NetworkDongduchon8.0Advanced bike trail
10.BongsanGoyang5.0Intermediate bike trail
11.Yul-dong ParkBundang10.0Advanced bike trail
12.Mount Yeon AmsanWonnamni3.0Advanced bike trail
13.BuraksanSong Tan15.0Intermediate bike trail
14.Koreas WhistlerDongnam-gu3.0-
15.Cheonan All Mountain courseDongnam-gu3.0Advanced bike trail
16.Ollie trail 14-2Jeju15.0-
17.Osulloc oreumJeju3.0-
18.Songdo MTB ParkSongdo-Dong1.2-