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      Honestly, the rear derailleur would cost what you paid for the set. Ride it and enjoy. Might want to use a fresh chain tho…

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      Farmer John, with rock salt cause we were riding through his fields. Back in the 70’s…

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      My all time favorite was a pair of Ribo trials shoes. They are like fly paper on real platforms, also allow for the feel of what the bike is doing which is required for trials more so than mountain. I still do not care for the disconnect afforded by microlam strapped to my feet. (read stiff, hard soles/midsoles that have no give whatsoever) Following the Ribo’s is Guide Tennies and Butora approach shoes. While they are stiffer than the Ribo, it isn’t so stiff that there is no natural feeling of the bike in action.

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      Bike Nerd, I can always let the air outta my Nobby Nic 3.0’s and air up my G-One 2.8’s and the Wildcat will be a Fleetwood Brougham on two wheels! I typically use the G-Ones for street on my singlespeed to preserve the dirt tires for dirtin’ but could do the gravel grind on em.

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      As Bike Nerd said… Tire size, construction, rim width, rider weight, riding style etc. All add up to a recommendation. I run 10-14 with my 27.5 x 3.0’s dependent on terrain planned. Smoother, lower. Loose terrain, lower. Rocky, rooty, hard etc. higher. But, only high enough for a trialsy, light rider with a light riding style to not rim out while being appropriately finesseful.

      Piper99, we need details to give you a hand…


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      Keep an eye out for sale prices since it can be reasonable prices on 5-10’s. I bought 4 pair of Guide Tennies at 60 bux a pair when they changed the design of em.

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      Adidas purchased Five Ten several years ago.

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      5-10 Guide 2016’s.

      For trials, Ribo is lightyears ahead.


      Two things that are a bummer is the resole kits that 5-10 used to offer have disappeared and Ribo has also been discontinued.

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      My bikes hate the term “flats”, just sayin’!!

      I run exclusively platform pedals since I like a more trialsy riding style. For trialsin, SPD’s are plain dangerous if not a hospital bill in the making. Used properly, platforms work exceptionally well.

      Doing a balance check with SPD’s rarely works out.

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      That is just hilarious, mtnryder! The media has been frothing at the mouth since day one and were nowhere to be found during Ebola, SARS, MERS, H1N1 or any other panepidemic in history.

      Thank the media for playing the panic card 24/7.

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      To get there!!

      Actually, I do travel for those special places for my bike an I to have some quality time on something different from my daily haunts. Don’t wanna burn out on my loco haunts cause they are a necessity for any plusser owner. To be able to experience a fine bike on some high quality terrain is a blessing and it is nice to change it up from time to time.

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      Chain slip comes from a few things.

      Chain length incorrect.

      B bolt not properly adjusted

      Limit screws over traveling.

      Cable tension too loose/tight.

      Old chain on a new cassette and/or vice versa.

      All MUST be corrected to eliminate the issue. Also take note of the retail on an E13 cassette, they are absurd.

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      The pithy little singlespeed. 2019 RSD MiddleChild steel frame.


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      rmap01 covered it quite well. Also inspect the rim surface and valve stem hole for burrs and other things that can cause tube faults.

      I run Q-Tubes SL in my plusser so I can swap tires at a moment’s notice without a marathon of tire spooge and such. The SL tube simulates the suppleness of TL quite well for the ride quality. A fella can also squirt in some Orange Seal for the thorn sized leaks but anything larger might not be successful.

      During January, I spent three weeks in AZ without a tire issue of any sort with my 4 hour daily rides. AZ is the thorn capitol of the US of A!

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      Aloha in ‘Bonedale, CO is doing one custy in store at a time as well as door service which is working very well. I stopped by for a couple parts, the sign on the door explained the rules so, I opened the door and asked for assistance at which Darin was glad to conduct our business in front of the shop. Was spot on!

      Disclosure: No cooties were harmed during this transaction.


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      JB, the lack of bead retention of your rims makes tubeless undesirable since reliability is not the same without the bead lock groove on either side. Burping is stupid easy as well as complete air loss without warning.

      Frankly, I would look for proper tubeless compatible rims that fit your budget for reliability and safety reasons.

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      @ GJmtb Wouldn’t wanna be riding the park with no elbow room! Fun little feature tho’.

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      Does Transition offer crash replacement discounts? Worthy to ask em…

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      While it is boost, the RSD MiddleChild is a damn nice choice available in steel, Ti or aluminum. Sliding dropouts are standard. 27.5+/29 x 2.6 capable and any non plus tire/wheel will do the deed. Check em out…

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      They don’t have jurisdiction over deer trails, Tex! The best part is that so few people frequent the deer trails that Bambi will be the one to give ya COVID, VD or any other viral infection.

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