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      Needless to say, the deed is done. Its together and time to ride! Good stuff comes to those that do a bin build.

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      Good one, Tex!

      I will not be denied! Going on a street session is better than sitting at home doing a whole lotta not much.

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      In the end, the bike project was your bike, not someone else’s.

      My scamdemic era parts bin build. A scoured the bins at home and at a couple LBS bins. That made this Jeep of a bike a possibility as my business was shuttered by the state commandant. Spending coin was off the back at that point and a shoestring budget was on tap to gitter dun. Total budget was well below the cost of a carbon wheelset and more fun than a bloke oughtta be allowed to have on tires inflated to 8 psi!

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      Slickoleum should be fine. Dunno if it is as slick and slippery as Slick Honey tho’. And as below, so long as it is in the hub and not exposed to dirt and grit.

      GJmtb, always avoid oils and grease on dirvetrain that is exposed. Dirt sticks to it and grinds parts into oblivion in short order.

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      Old thread and an ole answah…



      Does it really fall under Rocket Science category? Well, does it Greg?? You started it!!! 😀                              Even if it was OP in /’15…


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      First thought is early Elsworth but I cannot remember them having the offset chainstays.

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      Oil and grease… Ugh!

      I use exclusively Slick Honey with my CK and Onyx hubs. Chains are never, under any circumstance oiled or greased however, oil/greaseless lube like Rock Lube is “bike liniment”.

      Oldandrolling doesn’t talk nicely to his bike or shower it with gifts, stands to reason…  No love!

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      Singletracks is the enabler, I say have at it and enjoy the time spent Bike addiction is an equal opportunity thing, don’tcha know!!!

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      Jeff, this oughtta be good. There are so many things that happen and sound transmits elsewhere in the bike and trips folks up.

      Hope this helps peeps keep their bikes happenin and they enjoy the ride more.

      Generally, my bikes have been trouble free but that time cometh. :/


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      Tex, the mention of “major medical center” indicates the location was designed for mountain bikers to get silly.

      Good stuff with the proximity from the front door!

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      Mr. Harris, I too live in a rural setting. Albeit, in the Rocky Mountains with fine mountain bike habitat. Getting into the city is far and few between. If that is planned properly, a bike will be involved, come hell or high water!  Urban assault biking is something from time long passed. Does it really matter what kind of bike? Nope! Fixie, HT, FS, singlespeed plus. All can apply! Frankly, I enjoy the singlespeed plus with a pair of Schwalbe G-One 2.8’s for that sweet time machine like experience. Simplicity of a one speed automatic transmission!! Towing package brakes aka Hope Pro 4 with 4 piston on 180mm rotors for sticking to features with confidence! Beside that, singlespeed makes you strong fast, is trialsy as it gets. A fella can aggravate geared bikers by leaving em behind as they wind up the spin cycle!

      I recently had a roadie ask, how the hell do you make all that power to leave me like a dirty shirt. I replied, this bike has an LS under the hood!

      Cities differ but there are often very nice features to be utilized by a silly bicyclist with a vivid imagination. Be vigilant and on the lookout for these features and incorporate them into the ride.

      Smiles per mile factor is easily at hand!

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      Whatcountry bikes???

      I don’t need a vanity term or category, just the opportunity to hit some planet!


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      My trails are just needing more snow! The midfAt is a blast in any climate, the plussers are fantabulous as well. Trialsin, rail trails with good trialsy elements are still not too far away. G-One 2.8’s and I have a full squish a hardtail or one speed automatic gravel bike. Other  option is 4.8, 3.8 and 3.0/3.25. Doesn’t get better than that!

      What the hell, I hear Santa has a bitchen bike too!


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      Pfft! The price tag meets or exceeds 5k, I am doing a custom frame so it fits this one like it should at that kind of coin. I have no interest in being bilked for plastic, so that is to the curb.

      Overbiked? Explain.


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      Greg, after reading the article and pondering the damage done by such development, hafta point out that many times, this type of thing takes away from communities more than it returns. Been there, done that… In years been and gone, the loss of irreplaceable mountain bike habitat took a trail space from our community to make way for housing development. Destroying the area in its entirety would be devastating. Taking out a few trailheads, damaging. There are many hurdles that this venture is up against and that hopefully can make it less attractive on many levels. If that doesn’t do the deed, folks will need to get a well sorted presentation to put forth during the PUD process and convince the authority having jurisdiction to place requirements for trailhead and trail preservation to be inclusive in any approvals. While the latter isn’t the best outcome, it beats the hell out of losing a resource altogether.

      Best in the preservation effort…


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      There are a few pedals out there that are platform with clipless thingy in the middle. It does help locking in before you become accustomed to the pedal but as with any such as the eggbeater, it does become autonomous over time. I know of a few peeps that love the hybrid of platform/clipless.

      After becoming addicted to trials, the clipless went away since that is a guaranteed major hospital bill.


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      Right down to the basics… Try a proper, balanced diet with wholesome ingredients and stay away from anything that either comes in a box or is “instant”.

      Hike your skirt and put effort into dietary needs and your ride!

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      Oh my… I started looking at dropper posts some time ago and gave up when the only offerings with 25mm setback were rubbish. Slop in the seat and wiggling about was unacceptable. I did dig up an old HiteRite spring from time been and gone and realize the damn thing was stupid light by comparison. Later I realized that I never was using it since I ride with 80-85% extension for the space needed to play and be trialsy.

      One up is a good operation on many items they offer and quality has been good as well.

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      Do folks ever ride during their lunch break? For shame!

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      I’ll have to check with my bees…

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