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      I don’t think too much about distance until I’m done, so the only minimum I have is at least 45 minutes for the ride. Anything less than that is just a tease.

      As for drive time versus ride time, I enjoy driving and love exploring, so if I have to drive 2 hours to get to a trail network I’ve never explored that I’ll only ride for an hour, I’m okay with that. I just try not to do it for places that I haven’t first read great reviews about.

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      Yeah, probably true, Jeff. I know I was wishing that on a ride last month when I did a faceplant on the ground. lol

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      Ugh! Ouch! I’m glad she’s okay. I kind of wish I hadn’t watched now. I hope I’m not distracted thinking about this when I’m riding later today! LOL

      But this will also be the video I’ll share with anyone who doesn’t want to wear a helmet.

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      I apologize for being too harsh. To clarify, I wasn’t offended or angry. Was just confused why one would ask advice and then seem to immediately discount the advice received. I know almost nothing about bikes and the little I do know mostly came from the fine people here and their experience, which has been immensely helpful.

      Anyway, it’s all good. Have fun, ride often.

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      Most of the people on this forum are riding intermediate to advanced technical singletrack. Your bike’s components would have a tough time handling sime of that stuff. Not just as far as helping you the rider through it, but also from a durability standpoint. Do you want to spend your time on trails riding or fixing mechanical issues?

      You came here asking people if you got a good bike for a good price and when people gave their honest and respectful opinions, you came back to say it is a good bike and suggested the people here get the more expensive bikes they get to compensate for a lack of skill.

      So, having said that, I’m confused, too. If you like your bike and it’s enough for you, all the power to you. Enjoy it and ride the hell out of it and you don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or what they’re riding. But if you’re going to ask for others’ opinions, please don’t turn around and insult them or their abilities when it isn’t exactly what you want to hear.

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      I did a double-take this past weekend when I saw a fairly new full suspension bike standing on a kickstand in the middle of the lot. It was a weird thing to see.

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      I have an Osprey hydration pack. Like others here, I used to use bottles and a small bag under the saddle, but started using a hydration pack when I got the bike I ride now and it didn’t have enough room for a bottle (which are a pain in the butt in their own ways). I like the hydration pack…it doesn’t make me feel hotter. My back is going to sweat anyway. I barely notice it’s there and it’s good for a few snacks, extra water, some tools, small first aid kit, bug repellant, etc. I’ve also started putting my phone in it since I imagine getting soaked in sweat – which it does in my pocket – is not the best thing for it.

      On another note, people don’t seem to drink much or else I drink a lot. Of water, that is. I bring at least a liter and usually 1 1/2 or 2. I don’t often run out, but there’s also not a lot left when I’m done. When I’m in the woods, I’d rather have a little too much than too little. Anything could happen.

      Edit: Meant to say something about hip packs…they’re not my thing, but to each their own. If one is choosing between a traditional hydration pack and a fanny pack, the one benefit I could maybe see is lowering the center of gravity.

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      Regarding the great AC/DC controversy,  I love Bon Scott. I also love Brian Johnson. But regardless of anyone’s opinion of either of them, AC/DC is Angus Young. Any line-up that allows him to go out and tear up the stage is good to me. ;^)

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      This is an interesting thread. It seems we have a fairly balanced mix of comedians and grumpy old men. lol

      I recently got myself the Aftershokz Trex Titanium bone conduction bluetooth headphones someone else recently mentioned on another thread. They offer the best of both worlds IMO, as I get to listen to music that helps push me on my rides while leaving my ears open to hear the “music” of nature and my rolling bike, hear others approaching, and even have conversations with dog walkers, hikers and other riders. I listen to a wide variety of music and they have great sound.

      Regarding speakers, as long as it’s a reasonable volume, it doesn’t bother me. I love loud music – in my car, I’m sometimes “that guy” and IDGAF – so I’m maybe a little more understanding of it. But if you’re in the woods and blasting music to where people can hear you coming and going for more than 30-45 seconds, that’s kind of ridiculous, unnecessary, and maybe a little too attention-seeking. I also agree with those who have said it can be a good safety feature in letting other trail users, as well as potentially aggressive animals, know you’re approaching, but the ‘reasonable volume’ rule of thumb applies here as well.

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      The only racing I’ve done is against the setting sun, approaching inclement weather and my Strava times.


      Good luck, Daniel R and iiliketexmex! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences.

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      I’m not a beer drinker. Never been a fan of the taste, which is a blessing and a curse, as I’ve never had to worry about that source of mostly empty calories adding girth to my gut, but I’ve also been in social situations where I’d have benefited from enjoying a beer or two….or six. Heh. So I guess another benefit is that I’ve never been a heavy or frequent drinker.

      Having said that, while I know a lot of people enjoy a brew after a ride, I never knew that “MTB beers” were a thing.

      Now I’m wondering…is ‘MTB whiskey’ a thing?? Is there a MTB whiskey anyone knows of?? I could probably get on-board with that… lol

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      “…took a soil sample…”


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      I suspect fredcook is correct, and it’s something I’ve often thought about with my adapter and dropper post. For me, at the moment, it’s either that or don’t ride trails, which obviously is not an option. So I use an adapter like the one pictured in the original post and have been lucky enough to have not had any issues so far.

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      What a joke. Of all the things to call the police about and “feel threatened” by.

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      I don’t even understand the leaps of logic one must make to think replacing miles of multi-use trails with 100+ single-use tennis courts would attract more people. Perhaps they meant dollars?

      Either way, I’m glad for Georgia MTB’ers and other groups who use the trails that this has been shot down.

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      Suddenly, my thigh, tailbone and ribs, which all took a beating in rides last week, don’t seem to hurt as much.

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      As others have said, I’ve found that fall is a good time to look (unless – maybe – you’re looking for a fat bike). There are also a lot of ‘Black Friday’ deals that sometimes add an additional discount onto the fall ‘last year’s model’ discount.

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      I look online to see what’s out there and price things, but I go to the shop to purchase. I also always get great advice for free, which you don’t get in online shops.

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      Don’t think of it as $350 sunk into a bike. Think of it as a $350 investment in your physical and mental health. I can just about guarantee that once you’ve had a few fun trail rides on that bike, you will not be thinking about the money you spent.

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      I’ve been experiencing a similar issue, which I also can’t track down to its source. It’s annoying, but it hasn’t gotten worse that I’ve noticed, so I’m trying to ignore it. Probably not a great idea.

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