Finding a decent cycling GPS, let alone one you can wear on your wrist, priced under $150 is difficult. Yet somehow, Polar is offering the new M200 for $149, and it includes a built-in heart rate monitor.

Officially, the M200 is “designed for runners” but even mountain bikers will appreciate the features this watch offers. For starters, it’s a GPS so it tracks things like speed, distance, and elevation. But unlike many GPS watches that require a heart rate strap for monitoring heart rate, the M200 has a heart rate sensor built into the watchband for maximum convenience.

Beyond GPS and heart rate, the M200 has a 24/7 activity tracker to count steps, and Polar even claims the device can track your sleep duration and quality.  The M200 also syncs to your phone so you can analyze your performance in the Polar Flow app or Strava. You can even get text and call alerts from your phone on the M200 during your ride.

additional bands are available in a variety of colors

additional bands are available in a variety of colors

The display on the Polar M200 is black and white and appears to sport a decent resolution. Similar GPS watches on the market cost upwards of $300, which makes the M200 all the more remarkable.

Polar is taking pre-orders for the M200 on their website now. The company expects the watch will ship in early 2017.

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  • mongwolf

    Looks like it is very lightweight too. Wow, I think I am interested. I can understand how some would prefer a bike computer over a watch, but if you also want to record runs and such, then the watch maybe makes the most sense, and as you have emphasized at $150, it makes even more sense. It’ll be interesting to see how well it tracks a course. If it had a compass feature on it, then I would really be hooked. But it seems much more oriented towards cardio and conditioning than backcountry application.

  • bikerboy13

    Check out the Garmin Vivoactive! I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it! Its 150 on amazon, though it doesn’t have wrist gps, it has a ton of multitrack features!

    • Jeff Barber

      Thanks for the tip bikerboy! It’s a little too soon to know what the Polar watch will sell for online so the best we can do is compare MSRPs (the Polar is $150, the Vivoactive is $220.) The Garmin Vivoactive does have GPS, but not a built-in heart rate monitor or sleep tracking. On the plus side, the Vivoactive has a nice looking color screen. Definitely another GPS watch to consider!

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