We didn’t see these tiny GPS units on display at Interbike, which is a shame because I would have loved to hold one of these tiny Garmin Edge units in person! The new Garmin Edge 20 and 25 GPS units are standalone devices that track basic stats like time, distance, speed, elevation gain, and location. The best part: they weigh just 25g!

The new Edge units are also said to include navigation capabilities so you can follow tracks downloaded from Singletracks and the Garmin Connect online community. The maps are super basic (after all, the Edge offers a tiny black and white screen) but should work well enough.

Maps are super basic but  should keep most riders from getting completely lost.

Maps are super basic but should keep most riders from getting completely lost.

Both the Edge 20 and 25 include GPS and GLONASS receivers for maximum accuracy, even in places where cell phone signals dare not tread. The Edge 25 adds wireless capabilities to connect to a smartphone for more detailed maps (on your smartphone), live tracking, and easy ride data sharing.

This nifty-looking drag-and-drop routing isn't available directly on the Edge but it's part of the free Garmin Connect online tools.

This nifty-looking drag-and-drop routing isn’t available directly on the Edge but it’s part of the free Garmin Connect online tools.

Both units are simple to install, lightweight, and super affordable: the Edge 20 retails for just $129.99 while the Edge 25 is a few bucks more at $169.99. Both units are currently available for purchase at Garmin.com.

See the video below for more info from Garmin.

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  • OKI

    super affordable???? compared to the albeit larger but fully featured GPS units selling for 1/3 of that price. Nice and light but No thanks. I’d pay $40 max for that thing.

    • Jeff Barber

      Which GPS units are you referring to that are 1/3 the price? I don’t know of any other cycling-specific GPS that costs less than $129 but maybe I missed one…

  • Lichimus

    Same as Jeff where are these “fully featured GPS units selling for a 1/3 of that price” you speak of?!

  • Jeff Barber

    It’s actually pretty interesting to note that prices for low end GPS units have stayed roughly the same for the last decade or so, at least the ones from Garmin. I received the basic yellow eTrex as a gift back in 2000 and at the time, it cost $99. Today, that same unit costs $109 which might be slightly less today in inflation adjusted dollars. Of course the basic eTrex unit is much improved since then but still, it’s above the $100 mark. For just $20 more you get the new Edge 20 which is about 1/4 the size (and 1/3 the weight) of the entry level Garmin eTrex.

    There are probably Chinese knock off GPS units and some of them probably work pretty well. I’m just not aware of them and haven’t tested to see how they compare.

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