Ever had a GPS freeze up on a ride?

I’ve never seen this happen before: On a ride today, my Garmin Edge 305 completely locked up. It was toward the end of a 30 mile ride and I noticed the map seemed a little off – we were coming up on a turn we had made earlier but according to the map screen we were still a couple miles away. It appeared the GPS was still tracking (the trailing track was still “growing”) but it was at least 2 miles behind.

I tried changing modes (screens) with no response. Tried hitting the Start/Stop button: nothing. Then I tried to power it down and even that didn’t seem to work after holding the button for several seconds. After releasing the power button the GPS finally turned itself off about 10 seconds later. It came back to life after turning it back on but clearly it had missed some data.

Has anyone else ever had a GPS just lock up on them like Windows 95 on a 486? I had always assumed (and even experienced) reliable service from my GPS but now I wonder if newer models are getting more complicated and therefore more prone to bugs?

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