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  • in reply to: Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct? #512145

    bought 2 bikes from the in the past 2 years…solid bikes (Gravity Monster and Motobecane H427)…replaced almost every component to upgrade but i have no complaints about the entry level quality…very true that there is zero customer service

    i recommend them to beginners who just need “a bike”…once you become a daily rider you need to go to a local bike shop and get what suits you best from a professional who will be there for you for the life of your bike…my 2 cents

    in reply to: App not working? #265346

    Just to but in..those screen shots are the problem I was having too and the update about 2 weeks ago fixed user..good luck..its my go to app for biking so I feel your pain being locked out

    in reply to: App not working? #264534

    woohoo!!! youre right, its fixed!!! Jeff contacted me and said they were updating and now they did..we’re back in business..ride on!!

    in reply to: App not working? #263773

    thats the exact problem i am having now too..ill keep trying things and hope i can fix it. i will post the fix here if i get it done

    in reply to: Trek Marlin 7 #260827

    thanks for all your opinions, i value the knowledge of the sport on these forums..i bought the bike. should be here in a week

    in reply to: Trek Marlin 7 #260727 an old man who still loves to ride, no racing or cross country..i appreciate your reply

    in reply to: Bikesdirect #233815

    i have a H427 from BD. I upgraded some components and the tires but im well over 4000 miles on it and its been great. Highly recommend

    in reply to: Night riding lights #231486

    thx all..if youre not night riding your missing out on an intense experience



    in reply to: What frustrates you most about mountain biking? #230354

    knuckleheads not following the rules of local trails. Bombing through puddles so they can go home muddy and ruining manicured singletracks

    and trash in the forest..hate seeing trash, i take it out with me no matter how icky but it frustrates me to see it




    in reply to: fat bike? wife green lighted the purchase for xmas #230257

    i do *need* my bike, its my therapist/gym/friend/escape…good point on the maintenance tho, thx

    i bought a Mucky Nutz fender because I thought it looked cool on some guys bike..turns out it works great (and looks cool on MY bike)

    in reply to: Any tips on mountain biking in winter? #229568

    glasses..the colder it gets, the more my eyes tear up….and wooden everything is much more slippery when frozen (roots, bridges etc) be alert

    in reply to: What keeps you from riding in the winter? #229566

    nothing…if its too cold, youre not pedaling hard enough…although i only ride on trails so if the snow is too deep i hike instead, so that

    in reply to: I am thankful #229477

    yup…ive now got some life long riding pals i met on here, so thanks for the site indeed

    in reply to: Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct? #229476

    I have the H427 from Bikesdirect…i ride 4-5 times a week on it and its been great to me.I have upgraded a few parts but not out of necessity out of “want”. That being said I am becoming a crusader for the support of our local bike stores everywhere. The guy in the store near me has been so great to me I feel guilt pangs every time i go there and his inventory is pound for pound and dollar for dollar as good as the deals at bikedirect




    in reply to: glasses #228932

    i just bought the dewalt ones myself and will try them next time out…forgot to dd that ive tried to ride with sunglasses and dont like the way the trails look..seemed dangerous so i stopped using them

    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #228793

    tell them “put on a lid before you fall and get hurt and 74 lawyers showup and get us all banned from riding here”..its my go to line but you can use it too




    in reply to: Hello From CT! #222738

    road CT all thru the 90’s. I helped cut some of the trails in Tyler Mill in Wallingford. Always loved riding west hartford Res too. Jersey guy now..flat in the south, hills in the north

    in reply to: What's your favorite MTB trail in Pennsylvania? #211265

    i love me some Core Creek in Bucks County…not the biggest park but lots of root covered twisty single track to devour



    in reply to: Gloves or No Gloves? #201014

    no glove, no love…I always wear mine, and have different pairs for different seasons. My theory is the day i go over the bars, im instinctively going to put my hands out to break the fall and this will save my palms from scrapes etc. Plus, better grip on the handle bars. Plus, they look cool 🙂

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 22 total)