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  • Haha Bike Nerd FTW!!!

    I’m sure he rides his bike to work everyday. Less footprint, you know. 😉

    I signed.

    in reply to: Bike rack for truck #508844

    Looking good!!

    in reply to: Cannondale lefty fork replacement #508504

    Cheapest fix is…to fix it.

    I used to own a Cannondale Rush. Sweet bike. I rebuilt the Lefty every winter. Pretty good step-by-step here —->

    in reply to: Best MTB for technical climbing #507543

    Get a Forbidden Druid. Thank me later.

    in reply to: Bike rack for truck #507433

    Yep. Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. Works great.

    in reply to: Bike rack for truck #507312

    No scratches, no scuffs, no holes to drill or anything to permanently attach. The whole back of my pad is a soft velour-like material. 1 bike or 6, just as easy to load and transport. I’ve driven hundreds of miles and the bikes don’t move an inch.

    in reply to: Bike rack for truck #507300

    Look into getting a used tailgate pad.

    You’re welcome.


    [Edit: for brands, I use a RaceFace pad. But lots of other brands are ok, too]

    Current value of your bike is around $180. Good luck.

    in reply to: Stupid gadget question #506809

    Fanny packs, backpacks, hydration packs (CamelBak, etc.), tool wraps that attach to your frame, pants pockets, under-saddle bags, etc. All will hold whatever you need to carry. No need to spend a lot of money…pick one and try it out.

    in reply to: Can I convert my Dual Sport into a Mountain Bike? #505993

    Nope. Please don’t spend any money “upgrading” that bicycle. Simply not worth it.

    Instead, why not just ride the crap out of it.  Learn to ride skinnies, learn how to bunny hop, go take unnecessary risks and generally have fun with it until it breaks. Meanwhile, save up for a newer mountain bike. You’ll be a more experienced rider, and know exactly what you want for that next bike.

    in reply to: How to undo torque bolt #503267

    Douse it in PB Blaster, tap it a few times, and let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes. Then put a star-bit/hex (whichever it uses) of the right size in a socket wrench, put a “cheater bar” (length of old pipe) over the handle, and crank it out. Clean all the PB Blaster off and grease it well before you put it back together. And torque it to spec this time.

    in reply to: GHOST mountain bikes? #501863

    Here’s a bad translation of the specs for your bike:

    SE 7005 PG
    Suntour XCT Locked Disc Brake TR: 100mm
    Riser Aluminum 620mm. OS 31,8mm
    Saddle / Seatpost
    Ghost VL-1535 / Ghost SP-602 Aluminum 31.6mm
    Fork Bed
    Semi Integrated
    Crank Set
    Shimano FCM131 42X34X24
    Rear Derailleur
    Shimano M280SGS
    CH-52 Cartridge Type
    KTD7F Aluminum, Quick Release
    Front Changer
    Shimano TX50
    Gear Lever
    Shimano SLM310
    Rear Gear
    Shimano TZ21-7-GEAR 14-28
    Shimano 395 Hydraulic Disc
    Brake Lever
    Shimano 395 Hydraulic Disc
    26×1.95 Black
    X430 Disc Double Layer Aluminum Black
    15.10 kg

    in reply to: Newb here with so many questions #501276

    Yes, a lot of shops do. Call around. Also, check out the buy/sell forum at PinkBike.

    in reply to: dropper seatpost cover #500908

    That sleeve comes with the post. It’s there to keep the muck and shit off the post while you’re riding. Easy to clean the post post-ride, can’t clean the post during the ride. Each time you drop the seat you push whatever’s on the post down into (and maybe past) the seal. Not so with the sleeve on.

    But hey, it’s your bike. Do whatever makes you happy.

    in reply to: Badge decals? #500075

    Easy. First, contact the company and see if they’ll send you one.

    If not, find someone with a Cricut (both my daughters have one) and have them make you one. Easy and cheap.

    in reply to: Beech vs Snowshoe #497483

    I think the trail difficulty is similar. Remember though, in these Covid times the trails are only open Thursday through Sunday from 10am to 5/6pm.

    in reply to: Worth the money? #492678

    If you like it, and it gets you out on the trails, then it’s an awesome bike. Pay no attention to bike snobs – just ride the hell out of that thing.

    in reply to: Wanting to meet local mtn bikers 🚵‍♀️ #457298

    Sure, c’mon over. Meet you at the trailhead about 5:30 – 6:00.

    I few days ago I posted to this thread, including links to Bikes not Bombs, Village Wrench (which I’m involved with), and what I think was some very relevant and important steps that need to be taken. Re-visiting this thread, I see it magically disappeared.

    Jeff, if you don’t want to fix the forum software then there’s no reason for me to try to contribute anymore. You’ve made it too frustrating. Sorry.

    in reply to: loging me out again #425214

    Same here. Was never fixed for me.

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