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  • in reply to: 1×10 Narrow Wide #124265

    I’ve been thinking of doing this on my bike but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I have a 3×10 with the shadow plus derailleur. I probably spend 99% of my time on the middle ring right now but am concerned about taking the bike to someplace I’ll need that granny gear.

    in reply to: lockout suspension ? #121601

    I’ve started just keeping mine open all the time now when I’m on trails. I actually like the peddling more with it all the way open. I used to just keep it in trail mode but I noticed the pivot creaking and found it harder on my lower back. I ride trails with fairly small climbs and lots of flowing turns so peddle bob isn’t ever an issue.

    in reply to: Tips for Dropper Seatposts? #125723

    Watch this video. There are a ton of places you can use a dropper post. Really the question is when do you need your seat high?


    in reply to: GoPro Feedback and Ideas on Video #125787

    I’d pick up a chesty. The stationary are really good but I like a little more action and the current riding shots could use some work. The chesty should be more stable and give the viewer a more 1st person perspective.

    in reply to: Dual pedals #125242

    I’m using the Shimano M324 SPD peddles. So far I’ve just used the platform half. I’ve bought some shoes and am going to work on adjusting to clipless. One thing I don’t like about the dual peddles is that i almost always have to flip one to the other side once I start peddling. The platform sides seem to always want to be on the bottom.

    in reply to: Just switched to Full Suspension #124798

    I’d check the suspension. I know when I just bought my bike they setup the demo I rode for me but when I got home I realized they didn’t bother on the bike I took home. Your rear suspension is probably too light.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)