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    I lived in Colorado Springs for 19 years.  Definitely Colorado Springs. There are there TONS of trails in the Springs (Palmer Park – admittedly a confusing mess of trails but there is a great loop there – Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Air Force Academy – call or check the website but you should be able to get in the north gate on most days).  That’s not even touching the trails that come off Gold Camp (Stratton, Chutes, Captain Jacks – more moto lately but great if you like sandy woops).  You also have quick access to Pueblo Reservoir, Oil Well Flats and Salida.  Buffalo Creek is equidistant from the Springs and Denver.  Denver is…  Well Denver is crowded and full of trail conflicts, in my experience.

    I live in Ogden, Utah now, and Ogden is a great base.  The Bonneville Shoreline is a great trail for getting used to the riding here.  Then you have Sardine loop, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain Ski resorts.  Wheeler Creek makes a nice 14-15 mile loop to include Sardine.  I’ve heard Skyline is pretty good, but I’ve not ridden it yet.  Plus, you’re about an hour’s drive to Park City.  We’ve had a metric s#!+ ton of snow this winter, so if you’re looking to come here, I’d say by July all the snow should be mostly gone.  Moab is 4 hours away, and I’ve heard there is great riding in Logan. Boise is 5 (6?) hours away.   BTW, if you want a really cool trip, Bikerpelli runs a Kokopelli Trail (Fruita to Moab) trip over 3 days.  Registration starts tomorrow (18 Jan 2017) at 10am MST.  You need to be ready to hit the register button at 1000, or you won’t get a spot.  They run two trips, 4 May and  10 May, 90 riders each.  I’m not affiliated with the company, but this will be my 7th time doing Kokopelli.  It’s a little addicting.  If you want more info on either place, hit me up.

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    I’ve never ridden the Bontrager, but I’m a big fan of the Big S line.  Purgatory is a great tire, and it sets up tubeless in a snap.  I’m on a Butcher / Ground Control, and it’s great for Northern Utah riding.  I’ve ridden the Kokopelli with this set up and have never had a problem.  I use the grid line (thicker sidewall) to reduce sidewall cuts.

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    Thanks for all the help.

    The error code is I-D-10-T, originating at the keyboard interface…

    The files were indeed too large.  I shoot in RAW and convert to JPEG without resizing.  I was trying to upload a batch of 13-17mb jpegs.  Doh!

    Also, thanks for pointing out the magic button!

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    But, I’ve tried that button, the ‘upload pictures’ button – all I get is ‘Can’t upload right now, please try again later’.  At least it’s polite…


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    Bristol Brewery in Colorado Springs has a nice seasonal pilsner called Yellow Kite. That’s really nice after a hot summer ride.

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