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  • in reply to: MOAB – secure bike storage #308041

    Kryptonite Fughettaboutit chain lock is what I use.  Weighs about 15 pounds of lock and chain, pain in the ass to haul around.  No lock is totally secure with crackheads weilding portable grinders but its the best you can do.  Sells for about 100 bucks on Amazon.

    in reply to: Any gay bikers out there? #304449

    Lonnie mulligan look at the posters profiles, if they have more than one other post I would be surprised.  They are just trollers looking for a response.

    in reply to: Tire question #269995

    Just my opinion but I don’t see dropping to 2.8 being a problem on that size rim.  Plus tire sizes differ by model and manufacturer, the rekons could be the same size or close to the 3.0’s your replacing.

    in reply to: Sea Otter racism #264440

    Truculent has only one post and is probably a troll.  Send em packing!

    in reply to: Harsh but kinda true? Trail runners are lazy #263150

    I think this is a good opportunity for IMBA to become IMBRA and start actively recruiting trail runners.  Would help both sports financially and politically.

    in reply to: Colorado Trail Denver to Durango #261675

    I’m just doing the last sections from Silverton to Durango late in July.  Really looking forward to doing it, good luck and have fun!

    in reply to: #261509

    They are legit and sell on ebay as well.  Have made many satisfied purchases from them.

    in reply to: How do you feel about litter on the trail? #259669

    Tried to raise my kids not to litter by always picking up trash when we went out in the woods or trails.  Hope leading by example worked.  I usually pickup glass, plastic and metal when out, I leave paper be cause it breaks down.  It doesn’t pay to just get pissed off at the idiots that litter, makes me feel better to just be a part of the solution.

    in reply to: SRAM NX Eagle vs GX Eagle #259105

    The main difference is weight of the systems, which is mostly in the cassette.  Lighter materials used in GX versus NX.  The only complaint I have heard about GX is that the cage arm is more prone to bending versus the NX.  Don’t know if they solved that issue.  I would customize if I were to build up, go with GX cassette and shifters and NX derailluer and crankset.  I have XO which came stock on my bike and it has been flawless with no adjustments for a year now.

    in reply to: What does your bike weigh? #258698

    My bike weighs considerably more at the end of my ride than it does when I start out!

    in reply to: Reader Bike Checks #258532

    Totally stock 2018 Diamondback Release 5C. Ridden hard for 8 months now and not a problem! Pictured here above Salida Colorado right after Christmas.

    in reply to: How do you repair tubeless flats on Fat Tires? #257766

    One flat on a fat bike run tubeless in the last 4 years of trail riding, and it was MY FAULT!  I rode over a fallen tree with a sharp broken tree limb sticking up and it punctured straight thru the center of the tire tread spraying Stans all over the place, why, because I had the pressure way to low in the fall and the tire absorbed the spike instead of moving to the side.  I love running tubeless, its WORTH IT!  By the way my wife almost died laughing watching me spray sealant all over the place!

    in reply to: Bikepacking CT Silverton to Durango #257632

    Thanks for the tips guys!

    in reply to: Sometimes, it's just this easy #257472

    I live in the Chicago area and in order to get trails built you have to put up with massive bureaucracy and probably grease a few politicians in order to accomplish what happened hear.  Happy for them, really frustrating here in Illinois.

    in reply to: What MTB strength training questions do you have? #256834

    “I think there are more of us who just want to get stronger so riding is more fun/comfortable than to necessarily get faster or win races.”  Well said Jeff, I personally want to feel stronger during the ride and recover faster.  I have been doing moderately heavy bench presses and abdominal exercises to work the torso.  Makes me feel better and I don’t seem to get as many pulled muscles or back issues.

    in reply to: Where is the Epicenter of MTB, Moab? Whistler? #256832


    in reply to: Entry Level Mountain Bike Choice – Ghost, Raleigh, Vitus #255462

    Give used bikes a look right now over the winter, always great deals this time of year.  Most importantly get out and demo these bikes first.  Good luck

    in reply to: First ride photos of the new year #254566

    First ride of the year, North Backbone trail in Salida!

    in reply to: Singletracks Homepage Improvements? #253158

    Totally agree with Mongwolf, I feel the same way that they need to get a legitimate map program if the site hopes to compete.  Love the website otherwise!

    in reply to: What bike rack do you use? #253097

    Thule pro 2xt tray hitch rack.  Bought it almost new / used for about half price.  Built like a tank, love the integrated cable locks that deter/slow opportunists thieves when I stop and leave the car for a moment.

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