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  • in reply to: How do I know which fork ? #78897

    Yeah, comparing a hardtail to FS would be pointless..

    Thanks for that info though… alot of help. I do ride some pretty rough terrain, I went out for a 16 mile ride in the woods yesterday and it was a blast.

    Except now I think my from wheel is out of true? (true ? is that what it’s called) my rim rubs my brake pads but only in a certain spot on the rim… not sure how to fix this if anyone wants to chime in… .

    in reply to: How do I know which fork ? #78895

    Thanks that was alot of help,

    Do you have an alpha white frame, and alpha red frame in the same size ? do you know off hand the difference in weight in grams between the two ?

    what weights do you have ? any specific information would be great, exact gram measurements etc etc

    in reply to: 2005 Trek Fuel 70 Snapped Frame #73434

    How much was the "discounted frame" if you don’t mind me asking ?

    in reply to: Trek Alpha red Vs. Alpha White aluminum frames #78901

    Thanks, but I’m looking for more of a gram to gram comparison… which I cannot find anywhere..

    if anyone does know.. I’m interested in 19.5 inch frame, no pedals, with the weight in grams for each frame; alpha white and alpha red aluminum…

    How can I compare the strenth Vs weight trade off without actual numbers to compare ?

    in reply to: How do I know which fork ? #78893

    Ok, thanks for the info, although here is my dilema.. .

    I have a trek aluminum "alpha white" frame . the next step up is alpha black, then alpha red… what is so much better about the frame in the REAL world ?

    I’ve searched everywhere for specs on weight, strength differences, and cannot find anything.. lets say I had an alpha white frame, and top of the line compnents, one step above all the components that come with the 8500 series trek, which is alpha red (best) which bike would be better ?

    why would it be a waste of money ? the 8500 cost almost $2900…. if I spent $2600 on upgrading parts.. I would have some very nice components.. I wouldn’t spend that much the first day, but just as money comes avalible.. then when the time comes, can’t i just switch all the parts over to a nicer frame, like a "alpha red" frame or even a carbon fiber trek frame ?

    Why is this not good ?

    How "sub-par" is my alpha white frame compared to lets say a alpha red frame ?

    I would do that, if only I had a scale in my house, I’ve been using the one at my gym for the last few years, and I doubt I could sneak my bike in there and get away with it.. .

    Thanks, I have a Trek 3700, 19.5 inch frame, I am 6’1

    The back pain was in the middle of my back.

    My elbow are slightly bent, seat height is perfect, my knee isn’t fully extended but just slightly bent…

    in reply to: new to biking and sizing issue #78667

    Is there an update on this newrider? What bike did you end up going with ? I am 6’1 and first bought a diamondback XL which is a 22" I believe… thought it was fine in the parking lot and the road…. but as soon as I hit the trails, it was obvious it was to large for me… I just couldn’t man handle the thing around like I wanted to…

    I returned it after 2 days and bought a 19 1/2 inch frame… fits perfect.. I even tried the 18" but felt a little too cramped.. I ended up getting a 2009 Trek 3700 and love it… haven’t looked back.. I’m new to mountain biking so this bike is a good fit for me as I haven’t rode a bike in 8 years..

    in reply to: How can I recover faster ? #78704

    Thanks guys! I’ll give these a shot. … So far I’m leaning towards leaving one of the recovery drinks or muscle milk shakes in the truck in a cooler for when I get back, … I’ll try that out and see how it goes.. Going for another ride tonight actually..

    in reply to: How come my tire rubs my brakes now ? #78675

    thanks, problem solved… I have rim brakes, and just slightly re-adjusted them

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