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  • in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #245601

    Not a fan of it either. I want to be on the trails for the sounds of the woods, not what you may consider music. Unfortunately, this is becoming a trend on the golf course as well. Freaking annoying.

  • in reply to: What’s your favorite MTB beer? #245555

    Not a fan of IPAs either. Always love a Fat Tire and almost any Mexican beer after a ride.

  • in reply to: What was your first mountain bike? #245554

    My first MTB was a gift from my then-wife after being stationed in Korea for a year. A Specialized Hardrock Pro. I love this bike. I still own it but it no longer prowls the singletrack but has been out-fitted with bags and is used as an in-town commuter.

  • I too, am returning back to this awesome ass hobby! lol. I’m building an older frame that I have had in my garage for 6 years or so. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve seriously taken a trail in anger. My frame is an older Scott FX-25 FS. I still own a Specialized Hard Rock Pro that I love but that has been more kitted out for in-town coffee runs.  If I didn’t have it already, I’d go with a HT as well. Just more responsive and you can’t tell me it’s any less fun in the woods.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)