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  • in reply to: COPMOBA #82353

    Right now I just have a membership, I hope to help out with trail system soon. I figure that since I use the trails I should help to conserve them as well. Ride safe and hope to see you out there.

    You still looking? let me know I I have 14 days a month to spend out there 😃

    in reply to: Looking to go riding with somebody #78872

    Is there a good hotel close to where you are at? I live in Colorado but would not mind heading out to Cali one weekend soon.

    in reply to: Moving to Co Springs #81268
    "maddslacker" wrote

    [quote="steve32300":2e3dsb5q]Go up I-70 and there are trails upon trails upon trails all the way to Grand Junction(230 miles away)hahaha.And Moab aint that far away from there

    Steve covered the Fruita area…[/quote:2e3dsb5q]

    Yes he did, Forgive me my friend for my oversight. What’s really bad is actually forgot to mention GJ, the Tabaquache area is great.

    in reply to: Moving to Co Springs #81266

    Welcome aboard! Do not dare forget about Fruita and Loma and shame on on the rest of you for forgetting about us 😃

    in reply to: Where do you store your mountain bike(s)? #76694

    I sleep with mine next to me, my wife is stored in the garage, don’t tell her I said that though or I’ll be in the garage. 😃

    in reply to: K2 MTN bike question #81303

    It is fun huh? My wife hates my bike. I bought it for around $500.00 brand new, took it home stripped it and spent another $1200.00 rebuilding it. I can see th loathing in her eyes every time she looks at it but damn she sure does enjoy riding it ( the bike you perv). Go figure. Have fun with your build.

    in reply to: Loma CO 7-30-09 #81685

    OK here is the report on this. She is wearing these short shorts and really tight shirt(did I mention that I am MARRIED and she is only a friend?). She is looking really good on her Cannondale. We are on Rustlers Loop because this is her first time and she wanted it to be gentle 😳 . I can’t help but check her out instead of the trail. (did I mention that I am married and she is just a friend?) now I am in front leading the way because I have done this trail hundreds of times but I keep looking back because the view is spectacular if you know what I mean. I ask each time how she is and what she thinks of the trail as a cover up. Well I do this one too many times and I run into a rock crash and land in a cactus filling my flesh with cacti ammo 😈 she was nice enough to pick them from my flesh though.

    in reply to: K2 MTN bike question #81301

    If it matters I have the Diamond Back response(frame only). I tore it down to the frame and did a custom rebuild and have been riding it hard ever since.

    in reply to: Death of the 26inch hardtail #81529

    Iwill never give up my 26 hardtail dammit.

    in reply to: Avid Elixir R’s #78526

    I just bought these for ride as well, I will give a report when I get to the bottom of hill.

    in reply to: Where to go in Colorado? #76778

    I frequently ride in Loma and Fruita as well as Grand Junction and I would have to say my favorite spot is Loma. Moab is badass as well but has little actual singletrack.


    in reply to: Check out this Sick DH video!! #76218

    The the only thing sick about that video is the etiquette of these two douchebag riders. they need a broomstick in the front spokes of their wheels for that behavior.

    in reply to: Want to upgrade to a new fork #74498

    I love my Rockshox Revelation

    in reply to: What do you think about diamondbacks?????? #73997

    I have the Response Sport. The only original part of the bike is the frame but I swear by it for hardtails.

    in reply to: Any crossriders in GWS Co ? #73925

    Hey man, welcome to Garfield county. I have many places to to go ride, however I must stay on flat hard surfaces for another month due to shoulder surgury. I live right up the road in Silt but would love to ride. I will PM you with my number.



    She wouldn’t let me take photos, sorry 😳

    in reply to: Question for Colorado riders! #73802

    I spent $440.00 on my bike when I bought it. I then turned around and spent $1000.00 rebuilding with the components that I wanted. I now have a $1440.00 that is the only one like it in the MTB world 😆

    in reply to: Thoughts on Flat Prevention… #72646

    I must be the odd one. I use a liner and slime in my tires and keep them around 60 psi. Yesterday I ran right through the middle of a large cactus patch. i was picking spines (some rather large and thick) out of my tires and kept on riding with no flats, leaks nothing!

    in reply to: chainring bash guards? #72515

    Hey man,

    The Web is http://www.raceface.com, Mine replaces my large chainring. There are other brands too. Check out e-thirteen and FSA as well. I don’t know how to do web links, sorry.

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