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    Thanks man. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now.

    Saturday is going to be sunny with a high around 80-85F and I can pick from 11 trails listed in the MTB trails page. All within a 25min drive from me. I can’t wait 😎

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    trussman, yes it is a Marlin Disc for $679.

    I went ahead and went with the Yakima roof rack after looking at some threads on forums. Seems like they work out well for civics. The car sits pretty low to the ground and we have a lot of steep driveways (including my own) and parking lot entrances around where I live, so I was worried a hitch would end up hitting the ground.

    So I took the LBS’s combo deal and my total for a bike and a rack is now $950.

    My bike comes in tomorrow. Just in time for some saturday trailing 😀

    Edit: The Marlin they had in the shop was the green Marlin. I asked them if it would be a big deal if they ordered a black one. They told me no, so thats why I’m waiting on it to come in.

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    I have considered a hitch setup. I’d need to have a hitch mounted first. I am planning on checking around tomorrow to see what the price of that would set me back.

    I do like the idea of not having to reach up so high and being able to pull into my garage before taking my bike off.

    Have there been issues with roof racks affecting the paint on the car? I do baby my car a bit, so I’d like to do whats best for it.

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    I think I’m going with the Marlin. It definitely fits me best. Plus the LBS brought the price of it down to $679 😀. The 15.5" RockHopper is slightly too small while the 17" is slightly too big. The StumpJumper was a 19" frame, so I didn’t even try it…

    Also, I decided against a trunk rack (I’d prefer to keep the paint on my car nice and shiny) so the LBS quoted me the Marlin plus a Yakima roof rack using the Copperhead mounts for ~$975.

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    Thanks all for the comments and advice!

    I’ve now rode every bike I listed and narrowed it down to the GF Marlin Disc and the RockHopper Comp Disc.

    The only thing I can notice in feel between those two are the shift levers. I prefer the Shimano’s to the SRAM’s. I noticed the front forks on the hopper are technically an upgrade from the Marlin, but I can’t feel any difference between the two. Of course I’m mostly just hopping off curbs to get something of a idea how they would feel.

    So I’m thinking I may stick with the Marlin. The two bikes seem equal to me, so the tipping factor is the shop. I like the guy’s selling the Fisher bikes a little better. Besides they quoted me the bike with a Saris Bones-2 (model#805) trunk rack for a total of $830, which seems like a fair price for the combo. Since I drive a Civic, a rack would be handy 😀

    The only thing stopping me from pulling the trigger and buying right now is that, today, I found a used Specialized StumpJumper for $725. I didn’t get to look at the bike long, but I did notice is has Fox suspension, a Shimano XT rear shifter, and v-brakes (not sure of the brand/model). It looked like it was in good condition with a few scratches which is expected.


    in reply to: Another newcomer looking for advice #78983

    Thanks for the replies! This is definitely one of the friendliest and helpful forums I’ve been on!

    I have looked at the reviews on the reviews page and I’ve been looking around elsewhere besides Honestly I’ve only been skimming though most of it…

    Today, I found another bike shop close to where I work. They seemed a bit more helpful and determined that a 15" frame fits me better (I guess I have short legs?:roll: ). The bike was a Gary Fisher Wahoo priced $659 (same as shop #1).

    I liked the Wahoo. It may have been the fact the frame size fit me better, but it seemed like a more solid ride than the RockHopper. After going off some curbs and through a bit of grass, I noticed less rattling from the rear sprocket area (apologies for any incorrect terminology! 😎 ). They have a 15" Marlin in stock they want to build and have me try out tomorrow.

    One question I have is; What differences should I look for in the Marlin vs. Wahoo? I know they have different brakes and upgraded shifters, but I’m trying to determine if the upgraded parts are worth the $150 extra.

    I’m hoping any knowledge gained from testing these two bikes will help me when I try out some of the other bikes I mentioned. I’ll be sure to give the Cannondales a try and I’d like to go try a 15" RockHopper to see if that makes a difference.

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