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  • in reply to: How Much Should You Pay to Update one Year on Used Bikes? #229103

    Both Scott 710s One a Genius, one a Spark Plus.  Same materials, same components, same sizes, same MSRP, slightly different geometries.

    in reply to: How Much Should You Pay to Update one Year on Used Bikes? #229074

    Great link, Jeff.  Thanks!

    Same parts between the years — guarantee the guy rode his more than I did mine (knee rehab).  Slightly different geometry (XC / Plus vs. Enduro / NotPlus), but otherwise exactly the same components.  Unfortunately I *really* want this other guy’s bike.  Based on that chart, though, I think patience is in order.  Mine won’t drop that much, and more of those 2017s will probably pop onto the market near spring.

    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #229068

    If you’re at a stoplight next to a motorcyclist without a helmet, do you roll down your window and tell them to put a helmet on?

    I mostly ski without a helmet, and I accept the risks I’m taking.  I’d be super pissed if someone got up in my grill about it.  You don’t  know anything about the helmetless person.  Perhaps they just found out that they have 2 weeks to live and just wanna ride without a helmet and enjoy some freedom from ‘common sense’ for a little while.  I’d feel like a total jerk if I said something.

    Let it go… The more indignant we get about the little things, the lamer it is to be around each other.  Don’t sweat the small shit, and just judge the quality and choices of other peoples’ bikes instead 🙂

    in reply to: Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh? #226799

    I’m going to totally out myself and propose another perspective at the same time.   I’m absolutely terrified of bears.  Yeah, I know the stats.  I know how not to attract them.  I know I’m more likely to get killed by a meth head with a gun than a bear who would rather just be left alone.  But man, at 1am, when I hear something rustling around outside the tent or near where I’m sleeping, I turn into an irrational gibbering idiot. (Same thing with Sharks, FWIW).

    I think the rooftop tent is actually a pretty decent way to give yourself peace of mind (even though it actually makes almost no difference at all).

    Again, I realize I’m wrong, but it would help me sleep, just being a few feet off the ground. Dumb, but true.

    Now if they just made a shark tent.

    in reply to: First endo wreck today #226457

    I’ve never ridden on a posted unidirectional trail, so I run into people coming the other way all the time.  I typically just pull over to the side of the trail, far enough to let the person by.  Most of the time, that’s just on the edge of the singletrack — sometimes it’s slightly off the trail.  If they look really noob, I’ll give them a little extra room.  That being said, like mongwolf said, all hikers get the right of way, and all uphill bikers get the right of way to bikes going downhill.   A lot of people currently disagree with that, because they’re too busy ‘shredding the gnar’ to slow down, but that’s the etiquette.

    Oh, and double what mongwolf said… make it a nice exchange — goes a long way towards keeping our community radical.  I’d say about 1/50th of the people I greet are jerky, but the rest are really a pleasure to interact with, and help me think nice thoughts about humanity 🙂

    Sorry about your wreck.  Maybe slow down a LOT on the trail before pulling off to the side?  Is your head okay?

    in reply to: Best enduro bike? #226456

    I have a 2016 Scott Genius 710 and it’s pretty amazing.  Scott doesn’t get a lot of attention here, but it’s a super versatile bike that is amazing on the downhill.

    in reply to: Full suspension MTB for 2500$ #223897

    I scored a 2016 Scott Genius 710 on eBay for about $2600. It was new in box; I had to assemble it myself, and if I have problems with it I’m sure I’m just hosed. But still…  Amazing bike for the price.  It wasn’t my first choice, but who cares?  I have a sick bike that’s super fun to ride now

    Plan on spending about $400 additional for anything you buy used, in my opinion.

    in reply to: Creaking… something…. #223896

    Cleaned out the seat tube and wiped down the dropper post (reverb). Put about a pea sized worth of paste in the hole — maybe 2. Creaking is entirely gone.  Thanks!

    in reply to: Creaking… something…. #223061

    Sweet… thanks, mongwolf.  I was just tooling around with it and it’s definitely the seatpost.  There’s almost no creaking when I’m out of the saddle.  I ordered some friction paste and will tear it apart and clean it up when that stuff arrives.  I’ll let you know how it shakes out.

    in reply to: My 'Tubeless Ready' Wheels Actually Were #223056

    Yeah, same here… I didn’t even use a compressor.  Quite a few people told me that it was required to get a seal.  Totally wasn’t.  Schwalbe Nobby Nick and Rocket Ron.

    in reply to: Creaking… something…. #223055

    I’d be down if I hadn’t had bad experiences with every single LBS in south Denver.  Any suggestions?

    Elevations was pretty cool, but they charge an arm and a leg for every little thing, and they just sort of ‘forgot’ to do the thing I paid for a few times.  Oh, and they’re booked out like 3 months for tune-ups.   Bicycle Village are pretty nice, and reasonable, but mostly work on lower end bikes and hit or miss depending on who’s working.  Also booked out like 3 months.

    I was considering the Giant Store (Aspen grove) or Alpha Cycle, but know nothing about their quality and/or prices + schedules.

    I love Salvagetti’s but I haven’t been to their new store and they’re pretty far way.

    In short, my experiences with LBSs in Colorado is what drove me to buy tools and start doing most of the work myself.  Just never chased down a creak before, so I was looking for some advice.  That being said, if you have some suggestions for a non-smarmy, reasonably-priced (i.e. $50 for a light tune would be fantastic!), LBS who’s capable of doing the work right and not going to scoff at my choice of bike, I’m totally listening.  🙂

    in reply to: Creaking… something…. #223051

    These are all great tips — thank you!

    I purchased it off of eBay (I know — risky proposition) because the prices was easily $1000 cheaper than anywhere else I could find it, and I am decent at doing most maintenance (except for headsets, for some reason — they freak me out).

    It came brand new in box, and didn’t creak at all for the first month or so, then I banged it around a bit on some local singletracks and it started creaking.  I’ll definitely check the seat post / test that it only creaks when I’m seated.  I was so obsessed with the headseat that I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks!

    Last, I’m going to buy a better adjustable torque wrench and go through and methodically check the torques on things.  Anyone have any suggestions on brand? I have 2 socket torques, but they’re a bit unweildy and I’m skeptical about their accuracy with all the adapters and such.

    Thanks again.  You guys are a great help.

    in reply to: Trek Fuel EX7 or Trek Fuel EX8??? #222957

    Go with the EX8… it’s one more than the 7.  Seems like a no-brainer.

    in reply to: Plunge Wildly Ahead or Backpedal? #221901

    It’s the 27.5 2016 version of the Scott Genius.  This is all really great advice, all… thanks!  There’s one local guy selling a 2017 Spark 720 27.5+ that I may talk to about a straight across trade, just because I like the geometry on the new model a little better, but otherwise I’m keeping this bad boy…

    It is a COMPLETELY different experience riding an updated geometry 27.5 FS from my old beater 26 FS.  I hopped on the 26 recently to ride it over to a buddy’s house and it felt like a weird, unstable, tiny little toy.  I’m starting to get this one dialed in and figure out how all the doodads work (there are many doodads on a Spark FS 2×11 with dropper & lockout)… it’s a kick in the pants to ride.

    Thanks again.

    in reply to: Plunge Wildly Ahead or Backpedal? #221720

    @MansBestFriend that’s some really great advice.  Thanks!

    I’d be lying to myself if I said I would only ride it on trails.  I will be lucky to get one day of trail riding per week, but it’s 10 miles to work (4.9 dirt, 5 pavement, 0.10 singletrack), and I can ride every day.  So definitely a consideration.  If I keep the genius, I’ll look into an extra set of wheels for less-knobby tires

    also great advice.  I definitely love stability and fun. Don’t care much about time or speed since I don’t really ride with anyone or race.

    in reply to: What to Buy: Old and beefy or New and Rigid? #221316

    fair points, @dr sweets.

    I’ve been out of the game for a long time, so to me even a 2003 full sus felt pretty amazing.   While I was looking around for a cheap upgrade, I ran across quite a few killer 26″ deals on used (or barely used) bikes.  I was sort of assuming that some bike shops may have some old model, new 26″ laying around or demos, but after quite a bit of research, I’m totally wrong.  I couldn’t find a new or demo 26″ to save my life.

    So yeah… hardtail 🙂

    I’m totally addicted to full sus now, so hardtail wasn’t an option for me.  If it were, and I had about a grand to blow, I’d totally look at a brand spankin’ new Marin Pine Mountain 27.5+.


    in reply to: What to Buy: Old and beefy or New and Rigid? #220812

    Hey man,

    I’ve been stalking the $1,000 to $3,000 market over the last like 6 weeks or so, and I’ve learned a few things that might help you out:

    1.  27.5+ and 27.5 and even 29 and fat full sus bikes are getting a premium right now, so you can probably snap up a classic 26″ with newer suspension tech & geometry for relatively cheap.

    2. Check with your local bike stores for used demos in 26″.  They’re probably having a bit of trouble moving some of the lower-end 26’s that are still rock solid and well-maintained.  You minimize the uncertainty of buying a used bike a bit if you buy one that you *know* was maintained by a shop.

    3.  Check out the Marin Hawk Hill Full Suspension bike.  It’s got solid components, updated geometry & suspension tech, but it doesn’t have super-expensive anything on it (which means it’ll be a bit heavier).  Retails for $1499, so you can beg, borrow or steal $500, you can get a brand new, solid FS mountain bike that’ll let YOU be the limiting factor, not the bike.

    4.  We have 2 killer facebook groups here in Colorado that people use to sell used bikes.  Colorado Velo Swap & Colorado Bike Swap (yeah, totally redundant, but there it is.).  It’s not as bad as craigslist or pinkbike, because people have a facebook rep to maintain and, in general, people know what their bikes are worth and the details about them.  I’ve seen a few wicked deals on $1,000 level bikes on there for people who need to sell quickly, bought the wrong size, etc.

    Hope that helps.  Let us know how it shakes out.

    in reply to: Fell right into a stream #219742

    I agree with Jeff.  I don’t think you need to go crazy, since most things should be grease-packed… if you have like 3,000 pounds of rice, I’d say put the bike in a giant rice pit for a few days, but barring that, just let it dry and listen for any weirdness down the road.  I’ve submerged a few bikes over the years and never had a problem, but it sounds like you may have out-submerged me by a few orders of magnitude.

    Glad you’re okay.  I have a small, tight corner above a little stream on a singletrack by my house and I figure it’s only a matter of time before I overconfidently plunge into that bad boy. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    in reply to: MTB Photo Post #219700

    Haven’t read all the pages, but you can actually use google to crawl images on the site if you want.

    Just put at the end of your google search.  So, for BMC full suspension pictures, just put

    bmc full suspension

    into the google query bar.


    You guys need to post more pics of BMC FS bikes 🙂


    in reply to: Need some Advice on Beater FS Mtb #219699

    My final bike is primarily a commuter to/from work but also with some really mellow singletrack I have around my house, maybe some snow riding, banging across neighbors’ lawns at high speeds, etc.

    I get super frustrated with crowds, so I can’t see myself going up to popular front range downhill routes or ski areas to fight it out with the masses, but I’d love to take a weekend on the western slope and do some chill singletracks.

    I plan on eventually blowing about $3K on a used carbon FS 27.5+ that’s been well-used and maybe a few years old, if I can find one.  I’d like the bigger tires for snow & loose gravel, but Fat Bikes are just a bit too heavy for my tastes.

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