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  • in reply to: eMTB for ski shuttle? #256502

    Actually getting a MTB’r to the top of the hill so he can bomb down is one of the most common uses for an electric MTB , so this is that unusual.  Des[ite what many have said just about every mountain has trails that are inaccessible to cars.  Especially in winter.

    That said, there are some serious flaws here…

    1- How would you get the bike back down the mountain of you ski down the mountain?

    2- The motor is just big enough (500 watts and only 36volts) to get a average male up a paved hill on it’s own with confidence.  I really don’t see how it’s going to get someone and their gear up a freaking snowy mountain.

    in reply to: Dawson Forest MTB trails #242047

    Thanks goodness it’s not just me.  It’s the poachers, or any hunter that’s been drinking,  that worry me the most though.  They have something to lose by being seen by you.  But truthfully, I think if it’s deer hunting season why even risk it?  Now if small game is in season I’m pretty confident I won’t been mistaken for a squirrel.

    in reply to: Helmets and Body Armor – What do you use? #241520

    Also if I’m riding street (yes, I do that on a mtn bike) or praticing manuals or something on asphalt or concrete,  I wear elbow and knee pads gloves if I can stand the heat too.  Those gloves have saved a lot of skin on my hands when I’m on asphalt.  When I practice tricks, I fall a lot.

    in reply to: Helmets and Body Armor – What do you use? #241519

    I live in a hot climate too.  When I know I’m gong to be on a tight trail that might be overgrown with thorns, I wear a face mask with built in Googles in addition to my helmet.

    I wear the mask a lot more often in the winter as it keeps the wind off my face

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)