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    In Colorado Springs, Palmer Park and Ute Valley Park both shed snow fairly quickly. Most of Waldo Canyon is usually fine too (except for the far western part in the trees). If you don’t mind riding easy, mostly flat and non-technical trails in the winter, the New Santa Fe trail is almost always free of snow and typically melts out a day or two after a snowstorm. If the price of a lift ticket is too high try backcountry skiing the trails you ride in the summer. Send me an email if you ever need info on the trail conditions here.

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    Nah, if the snow is just patchy and not too deep I cruise right through it. If its continuous and deep, I take my backcountry skis instead. If its icy I strap on some mini-crampons and go trail running. Bad weather or trail conditions is no excuse to stay home 😀 The one thing you sometimes do have to worry about is verglas (very thin almost invisible film of ice); especially riding through rocky sections and slick rock. I hit a sheet several years ago on what appeared to be a dry trail, slid about 20 feet and got pretty torn up; studded tires may have prevented this.

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    We normally get our first big dump of snow in late November, but you really never can tell. In October of 1997 we got about 5 feet of snow from one storm at my house. If the trails are clear and you dress appropriately you’ll be fine in November; I ride year-round here. Trails out in the open tend to melt out very quickly here due to the constant sun. If you need any addition info or help before you come out you can drop me a line.

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    Hey Juan_Gear,
    Try the following website:

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    Well I think you’re in luck. The forecast is for good weather in South Park. I actually may be in that neck of the woods on Sunday. I’ve been trying to get out to ride Mt Sherman just a few miles to the South of where you’ll be. I’ve skied it a fiew times in the Winter and Spring so I figure I should be able to ride it as well. Just not sure about the short headwall just below the Sheridan-Sherman saddle and maybe a few spots on the summit ridge. Good luck with Bross and Lincoln. If you don’t mind carrying your bike up the talus slope just above the saddle with Cameron, you should be able to also get Mt Democrat at the same time.
    Have fun!

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    Well JJonas, three days later and now there’s snow on the peak all the way down to just below 11,000′; — talk about great timing! 😀

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    Not that is a great law! We’ve got many out-and-back trails here in Colorado that could have been turned into classic loops if not for private land owners closing the trailheads.

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